Bruno Mars brings talent to Super Bowl half-time show

Last year, Queen Beyoncé dazzled the world with her halftime performance at the Super Bowl. She sang runs in all the right places, strutted her stuff, reunited Destiny’s Child and actually shut the stadium’s power down. No one can top the perfection that is Queen B. However, the new pick for this year’s halftime show, Bruno Mars, comes close to her popularity and stature, making him a good choice to follow in her footsteps.

When Mars’ debut album came out in 2010, choosing him as the Super Bowl half-time performer would probably have been a strange decision.

Some people people that Mars’ does not belong in the halftime performance. At first glance, people may think his songs are too emotional for such a flashy production. After all, the Super Bowl halftime show is home to the now infamous performance of Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson.

Most halftime shows have an element of surprise. When Timberlake and Jackson performed, it was the wardrobe malfunction seen around the world. When Beyoncé performed, rumors swirled beforehand about a Destiny’s Child reunion or the possibility of Beyoncé lip-syncing.

What is the shock element when it comes to Mars? Will he maybe shed a tear during an emotional rendition of “Grenade?”

Mars’ songs may appear soft at first, but he is a talented superstar who deserves his time to shine. Mars has been nominated for 14 Grammy’s and had several number one singles after releasing three albums over the last three years. He is a well-known celebrity and very popular popular musician — something that is evident in his music sale success.

The singer is also a smart choice for the Super Bowl because he is safe. Some award shows have been pulling out all the stops lately just to pull in ratings. No one has to worry about Bruno showing up on stage with two pigtails and a giant foam finger.

It seems the NFL is going back to basics with their choice of performer. Bruno is known for his amazing voice and musical talent. He does not need flashiness and shock value to make his performance stand out.

Mars will probably have some backup singers and a flashy backdrop, because, after all, it is the Super Bowl. But viewers can also expect to see true talent when they tune in, which is something every halftime performance needs.