Group X offers students variety of fitness classes

Although running on a treadmill or using an elliptical releases endorphins and raises heart rates, these exercises can become a bit dull. This is especially true at the RCC, where the only two options for entertainment are watching odd sci-fi shows on the gym TV’s or staring at the wall.

This is one reason why Group X Fitness Classes are a good opportunity for students of St. Edward’s University. There are 18 classes offered Monday through Friday, including Zumba, relaxed yoga and kickboxing.

According to the director of Campus Recreation, Andy Lemons, the different classes are designed so that all students can participate, no matter what their fitness level. In addition, each instructor of Group X is nationally certified.

Megan Aust, a freshman St. Edward’s cheerleader, adds that the instructors seem happy to be teaching and have fun along with the students in the class.

“It was encouraging and made the classes more fun,” Aust said.

Although Group X Fitness Classes are relatively new, debuting in 2010, they are a hit with students. Lemons reports that this semester, Zumba classes have attracted as many as 116 participants per class, breaking the school record for the number of students at any fitness class.

Classes are typically held in the Alumni Gym, but because the facility is being renovated this year, classes are taking place at various locations throughout the campus, including the RCC Gym & Pool, soccer field, outdoor track and racquetball courts.

Lemons has asked that participants be flexible, as the locations sometimes change based on availability. The Alumni Gym is scheduled to be available for the classes by next fall.

The Group X classes cost $25 per semester, which means each class costs about 10 cents. The $25 can be paid by Topper Tender, cash or check. There is no deadline to begin participating.

“The sooner you sign up, the better bang for your buck,” Lemons said.

Students can find more information about Group X Fitness Classes on the St. Edward’s Campus Recreation website, or by visiting the RCC.