Sin City has unique environment to host 2024 Olympic games

The Olympics has exploded into a grandiose event — maybe too grand. The global experience, originally intended for honoring civility and sportsmanship, has now become a shouting match. 

In all honesty, the Olympics is a posh and pretentious event gauged at constructing massive hotels and stadiums, sweeping the deprived under the mat and raising the decadent onto extraordinary pedestals. For this reason, the 2024 Olympics should be held in Las Vegas.

Many people think that Las Vegas is below the Olympics. They think that the city is gross, the people are shady and that the lewd entertainment might interfere with the nobility of the Olympics.

The fact of the matter is that the Olympics is a filthy event. It is a competition of who can most effectively gild their national image, which is dirty business.

The prevalence of underground gambling circuits during the Olympics is a major issue. 

Prior to the London Olympics, British sports minister, Hugh Robertson, spearheaded an international multi-agency operation to oversee “the growing cancer” consisting of billions of pounds of illegal gambling on sporting events, as well as match-fixing, and the effects of having gamblers present. 

This growing phenomenon is engulfing the morality and integrity of every contestant, judge and spectator, and it is time to take drastic action. Again, hosting the Olympics in Las Vegas would solve this ongoing and growing issue.

Las Vegas, after all, is the gambling headquarters. It is home to some of the most sophisticated and regulated gambling in the world. 

By implementing a fully regimented and regulated system of gambling, we can banish all illegal gambling. After all, why would someone want to go to through the trouble of doing business with a strange man wearing a trench coat in a dismal parking garage? In turn, all this monitored-taxable gambling revenue will fuel Vegas’ and Nevada’s economy.

Las Vegas is a fun town. It has been boiled down to a science that only a hand full of the world’s most brilliant scientists can figure out. The city has a secret formula that makes winning everything and losing everything so gosh darn fun. 

It is this jubilant and fun loving spirit that will revamp the Olympics back to its roots.

Las Vegas will loosen up any begrudging losers and remind victors that it is not about them, or the gold on their necks, but instead it is about the ride.

Finally, Las Vegas will expel the cheap profiteers rotting the Olympics from the inside out. 

Companies, such as McDonald’s or Coca-Cola, pollute advertisements with their grotesque cheeseburgers and perspiring fizzy drinks—neither of which are products that an Olympian would endorse without compensation.

When the 2016 summer Olympics rolls up to Rio de Janeiro, pay attention. Do not merely glance at the surface, but look beyond it. Brazil is beautiful; it is growing economically, socially and politically.

Beneath the surface, Rio de Janeiro struggles with a growing economic gap and caring for those in poverty. 

Within the bubble of the Olympics, all is pristine and dandy, but beyond that, all the construction and planning for the event is in vain.

Hosting the Olympics in Las Vegas would drastically reduce the illegal gambling rings and instead create regulated, legal gambling. 

This would benefit the community and the Olympics as a whole.

The attitude of each Olympics is defined by the city it is in; Las Vegas is laid back and fun.