I’m the type of Austinite who doesn’t leave South Austin unless I absolutely must. That said, I seriously can’t with our city right now. I’ve heard that something like forty families are moving to Austin every single day, which is just obscene.

And we keep throwing huge, city-wide events! Like, when I heard about F-1, the tweets and Facebook statuses I read about the traffic were enough to convince me to stay inside and watch Netflix for an entire weekend. Austin recently has also been considered to be a potential host city for the Olympics. While our mayor has not taken any steps towards putting us in the running, the thought of it happening is enough to give you nightmares. If you were here around SXSW, you know what I’m talking about.

Outsiders. Those not native to Austin. Whether they’re from Houston or Dallas or Asia or South America or Mars, you know them when you see them. They swarm South Congress. They don’t know what to do with our food trailers. They take pictures in front of the “I love you so much,” on Jo’s and think they’re being original. They either wear almost-too-fashionable clothes or Ed Hardy. They go to Starbucks. They talk about Austin as if it’s an idea, a dream world for them to visit on their vacations, “Oh, I want to move there someday, isn’t it so great? It’s so, what’s the word … hip.”

Just stop, please. Don’t move here.

Sure, I get it, industry has to grow. Besides being known for our millions of startups, Austin is now known for companies like Facebook, Apple, Samsung and Visa, and this undoubtedly means jobs. And jobs mean money, right? But jobs also mean more people, and more people mean more cars and more houses and, well, just more.

I’ve lived a block away from school for two years, and a recent development are two up-and-coming condominiums being built on South Fifth and South First street. Why? No, seriously, why? South First is a four-lane road with no middle turning lane; South Fifth is a two-laner built to support a quiet little neighborhood. There. Just. Isn’t. Room.

So, really, my question is this: how are we going to support all these new people? Whether they’re families or single adults or students who just decide to stay, where will they go? Because, in my infinite wisdom, there’s no feasible, painless way to widen I-35, which is already miserably congested 24/7, seven days a week.

The cynic in me is just screaming for it all to stop. I left Houston for a reason: all of its charms aside, Austin is simply smaller. Getting lost in Houston is like being forsaken by everything that you know; getting lost in Austin means a few left turns and you’re back on Congress. And I wish it would stay that way forever.