Refined hints of metallic shades spice up an outfit this spring

Fashion Columnist

Growing up, I would pair my pink light washed jeans (with glitter accents, of course) with a cheesy Limited Too printed tee, my beloved black sketchers, and then finish off my look with some metallic silver roll on makeup.

Yes, I said roll on makeup. Don’t lie – you all had some.

Even though I didn’t know much about applying makeup during those elementary years, it didn’t really matter because I would just apply it all over my body. I’ve always been a firm believer in shimmer.

What I did not know about my awesome metallic roll on makeup is that I would be right on trend over 10 years later.

This time, the body shimmer has been toned down a bit because now it’s all about metallic accenting. Multiple recent Spring makeup collections feature metallic – from the new Maybelline color tattoos eye shadow collection to the metallic nail trend. Fashion and style bloggers have also been raving about the dramatic, metallic looks for eyes, nails and accessories.  

Not only are metallics taking over the makeup world, but they are also taking over the runways. During the recent Burberry London Fashion Week show, Burberry sent glimmering metallic models down the runway in numerous shades of glitz and glamour. Everything from skirts to shirts to full on gowns were adorned in eye-catching metallic fabrics.

Now, I understand we all don’t live on runways and we all can’t wear Burberry, unfortunately. But there’s no need to spend that much money to be on trend – a $2 bottle of nail polish can always do the trick in my book. As a college student, cheap and innovative ways to be on trend are vital and necessary for incorporating these trends into everyday life.

The thing with so much metallic is that it can be a little overpowering in an outfit. Try incorporating them subtly into your wardrobe. Paint your nails your favorite metallic color, dress up your eyelids with a bold silver, or rock a metallic bag. Or do all three. Not only will you be right on trend, but you will also spice up your outfit with all your shine.

Metallics may seem scary, outdated, and yet futuristic. But the great thing about fashion is that trends come and go, so we get to try it all and have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to push the barrier – after all, that’s what gets you noticed in the fashion world.

In my opinion, if you go metallic, you can’t go wrong.