The glitz, glamour and grunge of the 90’s are back in fashion


Oversized sweaters are one aspect of the ’90s grunge trend.

Over the holiday break, I watched “Clueless” for the first time. I know, what a ’90s child crime! Not only did this movie enthrall me with the vivacious humor and literally clueless nature of the main characters, but I was also reminded of that standout ’90s style.

The tight dresses, the high-waisted skirts and shorts, the strappy heels – these were classic Clueless staple pieces. I could not help but feel nostalgic, and found myself wishing it were 1995 again (and that I wasn’t three-years-old).

Luckily I do not have to wish that anymore, because ’90s fashion has made a comeback. Now, in a revamped, 2013 kind of way.

Evidence of the return of ’90s Clueless inspired fashion can be seen in a recent photo shoot by Wildfox, an LA-based couture fashion line. This photo shoot is one of the most innovative and well-done photo shoots I have seen, and the transition from ’90s fashion into today’s fashion is flawless.

The pieces they used can be easily replicable in everyday life, so there is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be running to your closet and uncovering your graphic tees and plaid skirts.

Not only is the schoolgirl ’90s style back, but we can also welcome ’90s grunge. You are all probably also aware of the recent oxblood red lip trend, in which we can pay homage to those unforgettable grunge days.

I recently watched an interview from 1993 with 17-year-old Alicia Silverstone (the main character in “Clueless”), where she totally rocked the grunge look and paired her ensemble with a dark red lip. She also sported a chunky sweater under an oversized leather jacket, which gave her an effortless result on top of her effortless beauty.

Today, her grunge look can be easily transformed into something more modern with an oversized sweater and a more form fitting leather jacket, and then paired with that grungy yet high-fashion oxblood lip.

The best thing about this trend is how easily it can be achieved. For some actual ’90s pieces, thrift shops are the perfect place to look. Grungy pieces have also been appearing in many upscale stores – from leather jackets to chunky black boots to slip dresses. And for that perfect dark red lip, I have found that MAC’s lipstick in the color Media does the trick beautifully!

Now get out and embrace your inner ’90s diva.