Senior libero sets sights on vet school


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Senior libero Michelle Hundt started playing volleyball when she was 12 years old after watching her three older sisters play. Now Hundt is captain for the Hilltopper volleyball team and a core component to the back row. She has won the Heartland Conference Libero of the Week for the past five weeks and says that she owes her success to excellent club and college coaches.

What would be the perfect ending to your senior season?

Nothing would be more exciting than winning the conference tournament and getting a chance to return to the regional tournament.

What is the best moment you have had as a Hilltopper?

I think the regional tournament was the best experience, but honestly the best part about being an athlete is all the friends I have made. I would not be playing a sport in college if I did not have the great friends I have now. It is memories I have made with them that I will remember more than anything else.

What is it like to be a science major and a student athlete?

My biggest struggle in deciding whether to play in college or not was based off my fear of not being able to balance school and volleyball. There are tons of people that do just fine balancing volleyball and their major though. The biggest thing that got me through it all was learning to time manage well and not be overwhelmed by school. I am definitely glad I decided to play in college and am still pleased with my grades.

Have you always played libero? If not, what position did you play before? What do you prefer?

I played outside hitter all through high school. I really enjoyed being a hitter, but I just do not have the height to be a competitive hitter at the collegiate level. Libero was a position I had only played one year before attending college. It was definitely a challenge at first, but now I love it more than anything.

What are your plans after you graduate from St. Edward’s University?

Take off a year, go back home, get a job at a veterinary clinic and study hard for the GRE. I will enjoy time with family and try to build my résumé before applying to vet schools. After vet school, I will hopefully open up my own clinic one day.

If you described your playing style in one word, what would it be? Why?

Instinctive. My roommate described it as smooth and quick. Volleyball happens so quick that all you can do is trust your body to make the right movement. I have played for 10 years, so I feel like everything I do is almost done without thought because I have practiced it for so long. A lot of playing a sport is trusting your body to do the right thing when you do not have the time to do anything but react.

As a libero, you have to hit the court pretty hard. How did you get used to this?

Adrenaline. Anything is possible when you have adrenaline. You get used to hitting the ground a lot in volleyball, so you develop a way of doing it with the least amount of pain involved. It actually does not even hurt most of the time, but there are the few occasions when it hurts more than anything.

Do you have any unique talents? If so, what are they?

I love to play the piano. I got a few lessons growing up and taught myself from there. I am not amazing in any way; it is just something I love.