Fearless president helps Toppers climb new hills


Sean Easton is a self-proclaimed fearless adventurer and the president of the on-campus club: Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC). In the spring of 2011 Easton met with the head of Campus Recreation, Andy Lemons, and proposed OAC. Lemons approved the club and helped Easton with the start up. Easton wanted the club to serve as an outlet for students to explore in mostly Austin and the South Central Texas region through hiking and other outdoor activities. Last year, the club made a big step and took a skiing and snowboarding trip to Breckenridge, CO.

What all events does Outdoor Adventure Club do?

In the past, OAC has been camping, swimming, cycling, rock climbing, skiing, and snowboarding. Zip lining and backpacking are on the table for this year. We just meet before our trips to talk about the details of the trip itself and to turn in paperwork.

What are your duties as president?

As president I have to plan, advertise, organize, and execute. I have help from my club officers as well.

On your club’s Facebook page, you refer to yourself as the fearless president. What makes you fearless?

You’re the first person who seems to have caught that. It’s a joke really. Fearlessness often equates to recklessness. I guess I can say I’m not afraid to ride motorcycles or rock climb as long as I stay within my limits.

You said that fearlessness often equates to recklessness. Have you done anything that you would consider reckless?

There have been things that, in retrospect; I realize are kind of reckless. I can’t think of a good example but there have been times when I’m out rock climbing and I think to myself, “Whoa, that was a pretty scary move, was it worth it?” In the end, I realize that I’m tied safely to a rope and all’s well.

When you were younger, did your parents often have to worry that you were going to hurt yourself?

I don’t remember my parents explicitly stating that they were worried about my brother and I getting hurt. I suppose I had selective hearing back then. My brother busted his tooth when we were skating one day so my mom made us wear mouth guards for the longest time whenever we did anything. I hated my mouth guard, and I hated my brother for getting hurt.

In one word, describe the personality of the people in Outdoor Adventure Club. Why does this word encompass your club’s personality?

“Adventurous” is the obvious answer but much too cliché. However, I can’t think of anything else so I’m going to have to go with “adventurous.”

What was the trip to Colorado like last year?

There were eight of us and we had a great time skiing and snowboarding for four days. Colorado is an incredibly beautiful place and I’m so glad we got to have such a great trip. I can’t wait to go back this winter.

How are you able to offer a ski/snowboarding trip for only $400?

We’ve got a big group (12 people) going this year and we’ve booked the trip through a non-profit organization that sets up students with lift tickets and lodging. Money from the OAC account will also be applied to offset travel costs.

What is your favorite event that Outdoor Adventure Club has done?

The trip to Colorado is my favorite for sure just because it is such a big achievement as a leader. Our other camping and rock climbing trips have been really fun as well.

Do you ski or snowboard?

Snowboard. What is “skiing?”

What camping and rock climbing events have you done?

We’ve been camping twice at Pace Bend Park on Lake Travis and we’ve been rock climbing in the Greenbelt and at Austin Rock Gym.

If you could go to any mountain range in the world to hike, where would you go?

The Southern Alps of New Zealand because they are just so epic. That’s where “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” were filmed.

If you could construct your perfect day, what would it look like?

My perfect day would begin by waking up on a beach with my sailboat moored just offshore. Then I’d ride my motorcycle to a secret surf spot where I’d ride perfect waves until suppertime. Then I’d ride into town for a party with an awesome band featuring a blaring brass section.

Do you have any strange quirks?

If I have any strange quirks, I’d like someone to let me know. I’m admittedly obsessed with cars and motorcycles. Apparently it sometimes shows.