Workout habits of 2012 Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees


The presidential election season is rapidly coming to a head as Nov. 6 nears. With just a few days left to pick the new leader of the United States, there is one question that remains unanswered: how do the candidates stay in such amazing shape?

We have all seen Paul Ryan’s impressive figure, and Mitt Romney has a trim physique for a man of his age. President Barack Obama is also arguably the most attractive president to date, and Vice President Joe Biden is quite a looker too. In these trying time, it is no longer enough to just be able lead America. You have to look good while doing it. The question of personal presidential fitness has never been a more important issue than it is now, so how exactly do the candidates stay so fit?

Obama enjoys playing basketball in his spare time. This is actually an excellent way to stay in shape, because basketball incorporates a variety of movements that demand use of your whole body, meaning you get an efficient full body workout, according to Men’s Health. You have to love a candidate who is smart about fitness.

Obama and First Lady Michelle also work out together in the White House weight room six mornings a week. Both of their workouts incorporate weight lifting, core strengthening and light cardio. Given Michelle’s impressive biceps, it would not be surprising if she bench pressed the president as part of her regular weight training.

Even though Michelle is not running for any public office, it would be an insult to leave the First Lady’s workout routine off this list given the phenomenal shape she is in. The First Lady, 48, gets up around 4:30 a.m. every morning to work out in the White House gym, where she runs on the treadmill, lifts weights and does sit-ups and push-ups, according to Us Weekly. The First Lady also told Us Weekly that when she is traveling, she brings a jump rope so she can do some cardio in her room or does a 30-minute workout where she cycles through doing jumping jacks, push-ups and sit-ups.

Ryan has a beautiful physique that is comparable to that of one of Romney’s thoroughbred stallionssomething that Romney can surely appreciate, as half of his wealth is in horses. If the presidential race were a physical race, Ryan would undoubtedly win, as the marathon times he reported to Hugh Hewitt during an interview make him “the fastest man in the world.” These running times have come under much scrutiny since Ryan first publicized them, but people are often skeptical when they are faced with true greatness like that which Ryan possesses.

Of the four candidates, Ryan also shows the most dedication to his regular fitness routine. His workout of choice is P90X, a traditionally intensive workout program, but he is so dedicated to it he has actually been working at perfecting it for over four years now. Ryan also enjoys bowhunting, skiing, hiking and, oddly enough, catfish noodling, according to

Romney likes to run three miles every morningsomething he is very dedicated to. Romney is also very careful about what he eats, trying to stay away from fatty and unhealthy foods. It helps that Romney, being a Mormon, stays away from all sources of caffeine, although he does enjoy a caffeine-free Coke every now and then, according to He also enjoys snacking on yogurt and homemade granola that Ann Romney packs for him.

Biden, who is perhaps the most stunning example of a trim physique and outstanding physical prowess in this election, chooses to take a less structured approach to maintaining his fitness. The former high school and college football player enjoys biking, running and various core strengthening exercises. Although he is an avid football fan, he sticks mostly to gym exercise. The Vice President also stays fit by playing with his five grandchildren.

Even though election day is just around the corner, this could still be anybody’s race. Both presidential teams are in excellent physical shape, and they are going to need all the strength they can get. These last few days are going to test their strength, endurance and dedication more than ever before. Be sure to watch the election Nov. 6 as these titans finally go head to head in the final, winner-take-all presidential showdown of 2012, and go vote.