Florals keep spring on the mind as fall slowly approaches



Fashion columnist Katie Brown spots and reports on the most recent trends she sees around campus. 

It is finally that time of year again when the morning air gets crisp, leaves start to change color, and people start to rummage through their closets to find their light jackets and fall boots.

What usually comes to mind during the autumn season is not only pumpkin pie and spiced lattes, but also dark colors and simple prints.

Interestingly enough, this season, the fall trends seem to have gone in a different and unexpected direction.

Lately, I have spotted a trend that is both unusual and refreshing–an abundance of everything floral. We have all seen flowers all over our jeans and frocks for spring, but these patterns have blossomed in a much less dainty way for autumn.

Rather than the bright colors and pastels that are usually associated with flowers, these renovated floral patterns are laced with dark plums, blacks, and olive greens to give the appropriate feel of the change in seasons.

For me, one of the first tastes of these floral patterns came about while surfing the Internet for pictures of New York Fashion Week, which has just recently passed.


Florals were seen both on the runways and on the streets, where numerous style icons walk each year. Most of the time, the floral piece (whether it be pants, a jacket or a shirt) was paired with something simple, but there was the occasional brave soul who sported floral patterns from head to toe.


Why not? It is New York Fashion Week after all.


So, after repeatedly seeing more floral prints on some of my favorite fashion blogs and websites, I decided to make it a point to keep my eye out for floral pieces appearing at stores.


During a recent trip to the mall, I was unsurprised to see floral prints all over mannequins and in store windows.


I finally came to the conclusion that I could not leave the mall without getting something with a floral print for myself. So when I came across a $10 pair of floral tights, I thought they would be the perfect fall accessory (not to mention comfy for class!) and snatched them up.

Shortly after my shopping trip, I began to notice floral prints popping up around campus.


Finally I spotted someone in an adorable pair of floral cut-off shorts, which demonstrated a perfect way to incorporate a fall trend into something wearable.