Democrats present plan to move forward at convention


After a week of conservatism at the Republican National Convention that failed to deliver a bounce for Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, the Democrats held their national convention.

Over the course of three nights, the Democrats rallied around their Presidential nominee incumbent Barack Obama.The Democrats had an impressive lineup of speakers including First Lady Michelle Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

Both had extremely powerful speeches that energized the Democrats and impressed many viewers watching at home, possibly even swaying undecided voters to vote for Obama.

Clinton’s speech was one of his personal best, and possibly the highlight of the entire convention. He was able to explain complicated issues while making a strong case for Obama’s reelection in the simplest way that no one but Clinton could attempt.

While the First Lady represents the present and Clinton the past, the Democrats also showed who could lead the party—maybe even the country— in the future.

One person getting a lot of attention and speculation is the current mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro. Many have compared his speech to the one that Obama gave at the 2004 convention when he was running for the U.S. Senate.

When it came time for the Obama to speak, the convention was already “fired up.” He outlined his vision of the country for the next four years which includes a million new manufacturing jobs, 100,000 new teachers while trying to control the rising cost of tuition.

Though Obama presented his plan, he also took jabs at his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, saying that Romney may not be ready for diplomacy if he cannot visit the Olympics without insulting the United States’ closest ally—the United Kingdom.

However, the sharpest attacks on Romney did not come from Obama, but from other speakers like Senator John Kerry and former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. Kerry countered the GOP’s question of whether people are better off now compared to four years ago, by telling them to ask Osama bin Laden. Granholm also delivered a powerful punch at Romney by saying that he gives his cars the elevator and the workers get the shaft.

The Democratic National Convention plays a key role in politics. It was the Democrats chance to show the country what has been accomplished under their watch and to show where they plan to take the country for the next four years under Obama.

Since the two conventions were back to back, voters were able to see the stark contrast between the two visions of America that are being presented to them. Voters can either pick Romney’s plan to take America back or Obama’s plan to move the country forward.