GroupX fitness program touts record attendance

Participants in GroupX’s Zumba class dance their way into shape in the Alumni Gym. 


Participants in GroupX’s Zumba class dance their way into shape in the Alumni Gym. 

GroupX is a fitness program on campus that provides students with an opportunity to work out without having to hit the gym. The program, which has run for two years, uses atypical fitness exercises such as Zumba and kickboxing to help people feel healthy and happy.

This year has drawn record-breaking numbers of student participation.

“Just the other night, we had 106 people show up to Zumba. I seriously have the best job ever,” said Alice Adams, a fitness instructor for multiple classes.

Sophomore Sarah Dawson also leads several classes, including upper body blast and one of the abs blast classes. Dawson says that GroupX classes serve as great individual workouts, as participants perform at their own pace and to their own abilities.

“GroupX is available for all levels. The best thing about GroupX is that even though it is done in a group setting, each workout is individualized, meaning each person takes it at his or her own level,” said Dawson. GroupX classes are also tailorable to different levels of experience. “We show modifications for every movement we do, so someone who is new to working out would be able to perform the moves without getting fatigued or injured,” said Dawson.

The program continues togrow in popularity among freshman, and this year is no exception.

“Last year, 68 percent of the passes were bought by freshman. Based on the new faces… coming into the programs so far, it seems like the trend will continue,” said Andy Lemons, Director of Campus Recreation.

According to Lemons, the number of people attending GroupX classes has so far averaged 37 people per class with night classes being the most popular. These record averages mean that GroupX out-performs similar programs at schools like Texas State University and the University of Texas.

“I was really motivated to start attending the GroupX classes because I love fitness,” said freshman Megan McNinch.  “I was on the volleyball team in high school, and knowing that I wouldn’t be able to play a competitive sport for fitness in college, I wanted to find something else to do.’”

Some participants cite GroupX as a good alternative to running or other typical fitness exercises.

“GroupX is unique because it brings people together in a different way,” said Dawson. “It is a healthy way for students to come together within their community to make new friends, build relationships and release stress.” These classes are judgment-free and esteem-boosting.

The classes were offered at the beginning of the semester for free as a trial period, but the free trial period ended this past Monday. Many students find the price for participating in GroupX to be reasonable though.

“The cost of the pass does not deter me from continuing the classes at all. Having access to all of these amazing classes and great instructors is a steal for $25,” said McNinch. “Also, investing $25 of my own money will be a motivator to continue to attend classes and get my money’s worth.”

Cash, checks and Topper Tender are accepted as forms of payment. Passes are handed out on a first-come, first-served basis.