Column as I see ’em – Week 3

Sports Editor

Column as I see ‘Em is your weekly fix for all things NFL. Here’s one writer’s take on how teams may fare during Week 3 of National Football League play.


Giants at Panthers

Look for Eli to have another big night as two young quarterbacks go head to head against weak secondary defenses. High scoring game, Giants by 7.


Rams at Bears

Chicago, coming off a rocky loss to Green Bay, will be forced to contend with a hot St. Louis. Look for Cutler to throw at least two interceptions. St. Louis by 3. 

Buffalo Bills at Browns

Buffalo, with the most rushing yards this season, will run all over the Browns’ defense. Watch for C.J. Spiller to dominate. Bills by 14. 

Buccaneers at Cowboys

After turnovers handed a loss to the Cowboys, look for Tampa Bay to force just as many turnovers this week. Bucs by 7.

Lions at Titans

The Lions put up a good fight against the NFC favorite 49ers last week. If Detroit can get their penalties under control, they’ll be a major threat. Lions by 14.

Jaguars at Colts

Both teams are struggling out of the gate. Look for a sloppy game, multiple turnovers and a low score. Colts by 3.

NY Jets at Miami Dolphins

The Jets are struggling to take off, but against the flopping Dolphins, they should not have any issue getting a win this weekend. Jets by 21.

49ers at Vikings

Niners roll over the Vikings. Look for Frank Gore to have a big day. 49ers by 21.         

Chiefs at Saints

Neither team has a win, but the Saints definitely have an edge over the Chiefs. Another sloppy game, Saints by 7.

Bengals at Redskins

RG3 and the Redskins showed massive potential against the Saints. The Bengals beat a lackluster team in the Browns. Look for RG3 to have a solid game. Redskins by 10. 

Eagles at Cardinals

Arizona pulled out a shocking win against the Patriots last week, but their luck does not compare to the Eagles’ last minute wins. Philly will not need luck this game. Eagles by 10. 

Falcons at Chargers

Look for a solid grudge match between these two teams. Matt Ryan and Phillip Rivers will put up big numbers. Falcons by 3.

Steelers at Raiders

A loss to the Broncos and a win against the Jets has the Steelers sitting in the middle of the AFC as far as the early season goes. The Raiders are faltering early. Steelers by 14.