Christopher Titus hoping to bring laughs to the White House


Christopher Titus starred in hiw own TV show on Fox.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s examine American life as it is today, shall we? The economy is in turmoil thanks to the greed of Wall Street, causing the middle class to hit the streets in droves. Congress is as efficient as a backed up toilet, and the mass media makes noise, not news.

Meanwhile, we continue to get fatter and dumber on a diet of unhealthy fast food, sleazy third-rate television and excessive technology.

Many of these issues have become so commonplace that they need to be mocked on late night TV and in stand-up routines to even get noticed. So who better to lead America than a man who makes jokes inspiring and great? America, meet stand-up comedian extraordinaire, Christopher Titus.  

Although he’s not a household name like George Carlin or Dane Cook, Titus is no slouch as a comic, with 25 years in the business, four televised specials and an Emmy-nominated television show (since cancelled) that he created, produced and starred in.

So why should Christopher Titus be president? Comedians are the most honest people on Earth, and humor could go a long way in politics, especially in today’s charged, angry times. Minnesota elected comedian Al Franken to the Senate, and he’s done fairly well. Another comedian, Steve Berke, is running for mayor of Miami.  

Titus won’t identify as a Republican or a Democrat, saying he “doesn’t believe in