Rugby Player Pasquale Mattozzi

Danny De Los Santos

Pasquale Mattozzi is a sophomore Accounting major from Katy, Texas. He plays fullback for the St. Edward’s University Rugby Football Club.

Danny De Los Santos: How long have you been on the rugby team?

Pasquale Mattozzi: For two years.

DD: What are your plans after you graduate from St. Ed’s?

PM: I want to try and find a job in Austin and attend grad school at St. Ed’s and keep playing rugby for the Austin team.

DD: What’s your most memorable rugby moment?

PM: [When] we beat UT 60 to nothing last semester; that was great!

DD: What is something people may not know about you?

PM: I love to play guitar and I love music.

DD: Do you have any pregame rituals?

PM: I listen to my pump-up playlist!

DD: What other organizations/hobbies are you involved in?

PM: I’m also in Student Ambassadors and I spend a lot of time with friends.

DD: How do you balance rugby, school and your social life?

PM: I just stay real dedicated and motivated, eyes on the prize.

DD: What’s your pet peeve?

PM: Definitely people who can’t drive well.

DD: Your biggest influence?

PM: My mom because she’s had to raise my sister and I on her own. I think she has done a good job raising us. She’s had to face a lot of adversity but has managed to stick it out for my sister and me.

DD: What’s your favorite musician or band? Your favorite genre of music?

PM: Right now I like a whole bunch of hip hop and rock. I like The Black Keys and Kid Cudi.

DD: What’s the last good movie you saw?

PM: “Takers,” they make Chris Brown look amazing. He’s jumping over stuff and shooting people. It’s funny because everyone gets screwed up and then pretty boy Paul Walker comes out of nowhere and saves the day.

DD: Any guilty pleasures?

PM: Definitely “Jersey Shore.” I have a cousin that’s a guido and it’s funny to see how similar he is to the people on the show.

DD: What cartoon character would you be?

PM: Mighty Mouse—he’s little but packs a punch.

DD: If you had a super power what would it be and why?

PM: I wish I had the power to control the weather so it would always be an awesome day.

DD: What’s your most embarrassing moment?

PM: Getting hit in the back of the head by a dodgeball in the homecoming tournament.

DD: One thing you’re looking forward to for the remainder of this rugby season?

PM:  The rest of the games and hopefully the chance to travel to play other places. Even though it would be Nebraska in the middle of nowhere it would still be cool.

DD: If somebody came up to you and they were interested in rugby, but they had no experience or knowledge about the game, what would you tell them about the sport?

PM: It’s everything that football wants to be but can’t. It’s a lot of fun, and I suggest at least giving it a try. It’s college—you should try new things.

DD: What’s one word that most describes who you are?

PM: Headstrong. I’m cool but I can be a hot-head on the field.