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Public Relations Society tweeting from San Diego

Tristan Hallman

November 4, 2009

The St. Edward's University chapter of the Public Relations Society of America will be tweeting live from the organization's national conference. The conference is held Nov. 6-10 in San Diego, Calif. Follow their tweets this weekend below. ne...

Martin talks with Hilltop Views

November 3, 2009

George Martin, president of St. Edward's University recently sat down with Hilltop Views to discuss the issues facing the campus, as well as his tenure as president. In the interview, Martin said that the future presents challenges that will have to be met for sustaining and increasing enrollment, especially in New College and Graduate programs. This is due to the fact that many people may want to put off paying to get a degree due to the current economic climate. Martin also discussed the challenges of trying to maintain the current student to faculty ratio, which the university prides itself on. Despite increasing fundraising revenue during histime as president, Martin said the university is having a difficult time raising funds for a new Chapel, a project that was originally slated for completion next year as part of the 2010 Master Plan. In addition, Martin spoke about how the university has kept costs down for the satellite campus in Angers, France through various deals and agreements with businesses, universities and local governments. Martin, 65, also said that he hopes to be able to remain president through 2015 to oversee a new strategic plan. Martin has been the president of St. Edward's University since July 1, 1999. During his tenure, he has already overseen many changes to the look and culture of the university. To watch the 10-minute video of the interview, visit www.hilltopviewsonline.com. [email protected] [email protected]

A Fine Frenzy at The Parish

Leslie Ethridge

November 3, 2009

All of the lights throughout the Parish Room were dim except for the brightly illuminated stage on Oct. 20. The audience anxiously waited for the stage crew to disappear. Finally, Alison Sudol skipped onto the stage, smiling br...

Lyle Lovett

Nolan Green

November 3, 2009

Lovett has done it again. He's pulled another great album out of that ten-gallon hat of his. His newest installment, "Natural Forces," will please and surprise both avid Lovett lovers as well as newer fans. Right off the bat, the...

Brand New at La Zona Rosa

Holly Aker

November 2, 2009

ENTERTAINMENT La Zona Rosa doesn't really seem like the kind of place to go all out decorating for Halloween. Yet, sure enough, the front room was decorated top to bottom with cobwebs, jack-o'-lanterns, tombstones and a Michael Mye...

Video: Interview with President George Martin

Bryce Bencivengo, Eloise Montemayor and Travis McAlisterAustin Lowrey and Joseph Fillip

October 31, 2009

George Martin, president of St. Edward's University recently sat down with Hilltop Views to discuss the issues facing the campus, as well as his tenure as president. In the interview, Martin said that the future presents challe...

Favre will forever be a Packer

Nolan Green

October 26, 2009

Ten-time pro-bowler Brett Favre has become one of the most iconic players in the football world over the last 18 years. He holds 11 league records as well as many more team records, mostly with the Green Bay Packers. Favre has played with and outlasted some of the great quarterbacks of the 90s, including John Elway and Joe Montana, among others. Although he is arguably one of the best quarterbacks, if not the best quarterback in the NFL, past and present, he is continuously ridiculed and judged for his choices over the last few years. After 15 seasons and countless awards and recognition, including a three-time All-Pro selection, three-time AP NFL MVP, and five-time NFC player of the year, just to name a few with the Green Bay Packers, Favre, in a teary eyed, sincere interview, chose to retire. His retirement was accepted in the football world. He had won two NFC championships and a Super Bowl as well as all of the previously mentioned awards during his 15 years as a Cheesehead. He is 38 years old and has gone through quite a lot with the Packers, and although fans were sad to see him go, they knew it had to end sometime. But this wasn't the end for Favre. After the hint of a comeback, more than a few nasty words about the Green Bay organization and negotiations with the New York Jets, Favre was back in the league, but not in the familiar green and yellow of the Green Bay Packers. In New York, Favre played well, but enough to lead the Jets to a 9-7 record, which, although not a winning record, didn't get the Jets into the playoffs. In the last five weeks of the regular seasons, it was obvious that Favre had suffered a shoulder injury. Upon the end of the Jets season, MRI results confirmed a torn bicep tendon in his throwing shoulder. Favre used this as an excuse to retire. Again. But again, this wasn't the end for nearly 40-year-old Favre. His comeback to the Vikings was a shock to very few. Favre took the field in purple and white. While looking thinner, but still in great shape, he's done very well so far. In week four he defeated his former team, the Green Bay Packers, to become the first quarterback to beat all 32 NFL teams. Now, the Vikings are undefeated at 6-0. They're the dominant team in the NFC and one of the top teams in the NFL, most of this due to Favre. However, since many Favre fans, including myself, are rooted Green Bay Packers fan, it was hard to see this transition to the Vikings, since there is a deep and passionate rivalry between those two teams. But everyone can admit they can't help but respect him. Favre is one of the classiest quarterbacks in the league. At the end of his record-setting wins against the Packers a few weeks ago, he went over to all of his former teammates and hugged, talked and laughed with them all. His actions show that no matter where he plays, he'll still be number four on the Green Bay Packers, and that's not going to change. ngreen[email protected]

Austin guitars pay homage to history

Jake Hartwell

October 25, 2009

Austin is known primarily for two reasons: live music and local art. In November 2006, a local, public art project combined these two distinctive Austin features by placing 35 ten-foot guitar statues throughout the downtown Austin area. Local artists proposed design ideas to Gibson Guitars, who co-sponsored the project and selected the top 35 artists. After the guitars were constructed, they were auctioned off for the benefit of four Austin charities: the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, the Austin Museum of Art, American Youthworks and Austin Children's Museum. The various artists made a fervent effort to express the unique qualities of Austin by painting unique aspects of the city on the ten-foot guitar statues. All of the guitars have been strategically placed next to prominent Austin landmarks in order to highlight important features of the city. "Tribute to Clifford Antone" by the Brothers Ferraro 213 W. 5th St. The "Tribute to Clifford Antone" guitar honors Clifford Antone, the founder of Antone's Home of the Blues, one of the most prominent music venues in the country. He was a mentor to Stevie Ray Vaughn and several other famous musicians. Antone passed away in May 2006. The guitar features a picture of Antone, his birth date and the year he died on a serene blue background. The statue is located in front of Antone's Home of the Blues. "Keep Austin Batty" by Ann Pinion, Kathie Franklin and Caro Dubois East end of the South Congress Bridge The "Keep Austin Batty" guitar portrays the bats that make their home under the South Congress bridge. In the evening, especially in August, the bats fly out from underneath the bridge for their nightly insect hunt, which has become a famous sightseeing event for both locals and tourists. Roky Erickson, a pioneer of the psychedelic rock genre, signs the guitar. The mass flight of the bats at dusk is a chance to admire some local art and witness a spectacular show of nature. "Eurycea Sosorum Sass" by Karen Paul-Burges Town Lake, near Auditorium Shores "Eurycea Sosorum Sass" depicts the rare Barton Springs Salamander, a species found nowhere but at the Barton Springs outflow. The guitar also depicts Austin's attention to the environment and goal to remain an environmentally responsible city. "Soul" by Paul Beck 832 Congress Avenue "Soul" has a bold white and red color scheme and is both strong and inspired in its simplicity. The word "Soul," written in a banner below the bridge of the guitar, may pay tribute to the history of Austin's soulful music or to the city's general musical spirit itself—it's up to the observer to decide. The guitar is signed by Alejandro Escovedo, a Mexican-American immigrant who is celebrated for his wonderful alternative country music. "MusiCapital" by Sharon Roy Finch 301 W. 2nd St. "MusiCapital" commemorates Austin's status as the Live Music Capital of the World. The piece incorporates iconic images like the longhorn, the Texas state flag and the state capitol building in beautiful detail.

Video: A quick look at GameOn

October 24, 2009

On Oct. 15, Austin's finest video game fans, developers and writers gathered to celebrate the local gaming scene at the video game party GameOn hosted at Mohawk. The night was filled with games, movies, contests and music – ...

Find your last minute costume

Nicole Wolt

October 24, 2009

Austin is known primarily for two reasons: live music and local art. In November 2006, a local, public art project combined these two distinctive Austin features by placing 35 ten-foot guitar statues throughout the downtown Austin area...

Photos: Relationship Violence Awareness Month

Dyan Cannon

October 20, 2009

Students participated in the Red Flag Campaign which is a public awareness campaign designed specifically to encourage college students to intervene when they see a warning sign of intimate partner violence in a friend's rela...

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