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Miley Liam romance back on; old Miley could possibly be back

By: Kendyl Mull

February 5, 2016

Miley and Liam are back!Rumors are flying that America’s sweet Hannah Montana and her dreamboat ex-fiance could be making their way down the aisle for real this time. After two years of calling off their engagement, neither ...

One Direction, still stealing hearts

By: Eleanor Fishbourne

February 5, 2016

After stealing the hearts of teen girls all over the world on “The X Factor” in 2011, One Direction continued to take the music world by storm.Five years later they just released their fifth album, “Made in the AM,” and...

Feel the Bern: Bernie will win 2016

By: Erin Downey

February 5, 2016

Bernie Sanders will most definitely occupy the White House. He will also occupy wealth inequality, climate change, the poverty crisis, racial injustice and many other important issues that would take up this entire article if inclu...

St. Edward’s adjuncts lack benefits, job security

Jacob Rogers

January 25, 2016

St. Edward’s University students spending most of their time completing courses required in the core curriculum is not news. Fifty-seven of the 120 credit hours required for a degree come from courses in the General Education ...

Wealth gap continues to widen

Erin Downey

January 22, 2016

New research by the charity Oxfam shows the world has grown $67 trillion richer in just 15 years; however, this so-called newly accumulated wealth has become increasingly concentrated.According to the charity’s latest research, ...

America, a nation of immigrants turns its back on Syrian refugees

November 30, 2015

Every week the editorial board reflects on a current issue in Our View. The position taken does not reflect the opinions of everyone on the Hilltop Views staff. The ongoing refugee crisis has been in constant circulation in new...

1952 Naturalization Act should not determine immigration policies today

Erin Downey

November 30, 2015

In Nov. 2014, President Barack Obama announced a series of executive actions to crack down on illegal immigration at the border. These actions included deporting felons instead of families and requiring certain undocumented immigrants to p...

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