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Editors reflect on favorite Pulitzer Prize Winners

Amanda Gonzalez, Joey Hadden, Andrea Guzman & Brandon Paz

April 17, 2018

Pulitzer Prize winners were announced Monday, with awards doled out for topics from the reporting that sparked the MeToo movement, to non-fiction writing that examined the contemporary criminal justice system. Here’s a few of our f...

Ryan Gosling Can’t Save Jazz: 10 Artists to listen to during Black History Month


February 26, 2018

This list is comprised of 10 of some of the most influential black musicians in honor of Black History Month. In alternating order of modern and classic, these artists have had a major impact on music and society.Jimi Hendrix revolut...


Caley Berg

October 2, 2016

#ACLFRIDAY FLying LotusAs the sun set, Steven Ellison set fire to the Samsung stage. Ellison, known by his stage name Flying Lotus, performed an experimental multi-genre amalgamation of sound, effortlessly combining hip-hop, EDM, pop...

Kendrick Lamar releases intriguing but redundant album “Untitled Unmastered”

Jesse Greene

April 1, 2016

Kendrick Lamar's latest album “Untitled Unmastered” is a compilation of unfinished demos and tracks recorded for Lamar’s Grammy award-winning album “To Pimp A Butterfly.” “Untitled Unmastered,” which was releas...

Freshman’s tattoo in honor of Kendrick Lamar song encourages positive thinking, self-love

Sofia Ojeda

February 11, 2016

Tattoos are a common sight across the St. Edward’s University campus. However, what is uncommon is the story behind each of them.Brandon Paz, a freshman communication major, has four tattoos, each of which carry a unique story.His mo...

New albums, reunions, tours comprise exciting year in music

Staff Writer

January 26, 2014

Between reunions, promising up-and-comers and new releases from the greats, there is a lot of (hopefully) fantastic music to look forward to this year. Here are some of the artists you should keep tabs on throughout 2014. Chan...

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