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Austin paid sick leave mandate in jeopardy following introduction of new bill

Kenny Phipps, News Editor

November 14, 2018

Following a larger trend in Texas politics, a state lawmaker introduced a bill Monday that would nullify Austin’s mandate requiring businesses to offer paid sick leave to employees. The ordinance has been held up in state appe...

Jack Johnson pardon opens up discussion about race and imprisonment

Sierra Rozen

April 30, 2018

To no one’s surprise, President Trump is once again making headlines for doing things that have nothing to do with our current political climate. Considering that politics are a mess right now, from Trump engaging in Twitter co...

U.S. Bishops lead efforts for a DACA fix

Andrea Guzman

February 27, 2018

As the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of a federal judge’s ruling that required the government to keep the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in place, the Catholic community in Austin urged for more far-...

Panelists discuss motivation, women’s empowerment in the workforce

Henry Anthony-DuSchied

November 28, 2017

St. Edward’s hosted a panel, “A Seat at the Table,” to recognize the achievements of female professionals in Austin. The talk was put on to exemplify how these women have navigated their fields.The event was hosted by w...

‘Mad Men’ on Netflix provides drama, romance, peek into lives of ‘ad men’

Laura Irwin

January 21, 2016

With the start of the New Year, many like-minded people have begun to participate in an exciting and challenging ritual: making New Year’s resolutions. Many of these promises consist of bettering oneself by eating healthier or e...

Davis’s decision violates Federal law, religious beliefs not main issue

Viewpoints Editor

September 11, 2015

Each week, we explore both sides of a current issue through opposing Viewpoints. The alternate editorial for this week's Face Off can be found here: "America’s equality agenda not so equal, leans toward popular opinions."Kim ...

Smartphones drop more than beats: BrewDrop app delivers


February 17, 2015

Chinese food and pizza are not the only things you can get delivered nowadays. With just a click of a button on your smartphone, your favorite Pinot noir or six-pack of beer can be delivered too, thanks to the new BrewDrop ap...

Law student, modern dancer marries passions, enjoys career


November 17, 2014

Students often believe life comes down to a choice: a stable career in a field you loath, or shunting security and following your passion. The former lets you buy insurance; the latter will (hopefully) fulfill you.But the truth ...

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