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Cat tattoos rise in popularity amongst young adult population

Staff Writer

November 10, 2014

Cat lovers get a bad rap. Stereotypes including the crazy cat lady and internet addicted homebody come to mind as soon as the words “my cat” escape their mouths.With these negative connotations it’s hard to believe anyone...

LIPGLOSS: Things I don’t get about dating


September 12, 2013

As an undergraduate 20-something with pretty minimal (read: sporadic and uneventful) dating experience, I might not seem qualified to be writing a dating blog for undergraduate 20-somethings. But I know enough to be aware of a...

Unorthodox date suggestions for a special Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2013

It is often forgotten that Valentine’s Day was named for a Roman martyr. That is beside the point. Valentine’s Day exists in our sphere of sectioned off days, saved for idiosyncratic celebrations, and it has declared itself a...

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