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COMMENTARY: Why Cuban-American José Fernández’s life matters now outside of baseball

Amanda González

September 25, 2016

On Sunday morning, the sports world learned of Miami Marlins pitcher José Fernández's death. The 24-year-old baseball player died in a boating accident on the same waters he had braved multiple times when trying to defect Cuba a decade ago.One of his last posts on Twitter says, “If you were gi...

COMMENTARY: Media portrays certain athletes more god than human

Amanda Gonzalez

April 18, 2016

Every generation has their standout athletes that seem more god than man. And the amount of media attention they receive plays a huge role in how untouchable these superstars become.Their greatness isn’t a problem. In fact, it b...

Johnson was drafted to the Giants' farm team and now plays for the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes.

Stephen Johnson

October 2, 2012

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