COMMENTARY: Media portrays certain athletes more god than human

Every generation has their standout athletes that seem more god than man. And the amount of media attention they receive plays a huge role in how untouchable these superstars become.

Their greatness isn’t a problem. In fact, it brings in lots of money and boosts fans’ interest in a certain team or sport. It just seems unfair for other athletes who put in the same amount of effort.

Two years ago, no one knew who Stephen Curry was, but now he’s the only athlete Bleacher Report and Sports Center seem to highlight.

Yes, his three-point shots for the Warriors are amazing, but it’s nothing new.

Honestly, it’s kind of sad that the golden boy of Golden State outshines every other basketball player’s successes.

Off the court, he is on another level of cool. On April 16, the White House released a promotional video for My Brother’s Keeper of President Barack Obama jokingly mentoring Curry.

For millennials, the ultimate golden boy of Major League Baseball was New York Yankees icon Derek Jeter. 

He could do no wrong. If a slide was close, he was called safe more times than not. If he got hit by a pitch, that pitcher became public enemy No. 1.

Jeter too has been seen on multiple occasions playing golf and traveling with Obama for foreign affairs since his retirement in 2014.

Now these athletes are great. I’m not saying they aren’t. And I wouldn’t say they are overrated either. They just stand out.

Their championship rings and outstanding records will be there’s forever, but they aren’t the only ones involved in creating a dynasty.

As another athlete once said, everyone is important — everybody from the president of the organization to the towel boy makes an impact.

Certainly, Curry and Jeter have both used their spotlight to highlight others in a positive way, but sometimes the media and fans just focus on them — and not their message or team.

Bottom line, because they are the ones with a pretty face, they seem to be the only names that people remember.