Hilltop Views

Students work to understand the complexity of cryptocurrencies

February 5, 2018

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have experienced a rise in value in 2017. Bitcoin has peaked at around $20,000 per coin in December of last year.As cryptocurrencies gain popularity across the world, St.Ed’s students are wo...

Campus reflects on professor legacies

Life & Arts Editor

April 30, 2013

Throughout 2012, St. Edward’s University lost a group of professors near to the heart of the university. Although a year has gone by, the community remembers the impact that these professors had on them personally and on th...

Adjunct professors play vital role on campus, in education


January 30, 2013

St. Edward’s University has over 200 adjunct faculty members teaching on campus this semester.The adjunct faculty teach a variety of class that are offered at St. Edward’s, as well as taking other roles and responsibilities ...

Students and faculty remember Harald Becker, Jean McKemie, and Edward Shirley

University mourns professors

September 10, 2012

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