OurView: Voting in Texas becomes even more urgent as midterms approach


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Midterm elections take place on November 6th

Sierra Rozen and Lauren Sanchez

Yesterday was the last day to register to vote in Texas, and if the 2016 election cycle was any indication, you should know it’s important to vote.

Sure, it may be hard to believe given Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and still lost, but there are several factors that contributes to her loss. One of those being the fact that people either refused to go to the polls, or did a protest vote.

By refusing to go vote simply because you believe that your vote doesn’t matter is one of the most stupid reasons someone could give for not voting. Doing this makes you one of the reasons why Donald Trump got elected.

The Guardian reported that 45 percent of adults who live in the United States did not participate in the 2016 Election. With a number this high, imagine the difference these people would have made if they had shown up to the voting booth.

People who protest vote are no better. This is just throwing away your chance to make a difference because you think your stupid answer sends a message. It’s hard to determine which is worse: deciding not to vote out of laziness, or throwing away your vote.

There’s also the fact that Trump won because of the Electoral College. Yes, the Electoral College is flawed and definitely needs to be eliminated. The only reason it was created and stayed instated for so long is because the government wanted to ensure slaves in the south could never have a vote that counted.

But despite these issues that settled us with our current president, voting still matters. If we want to see change and have proper representation, you need to vote. For those of you that decided registering wasn’t important, it’s already too late for you. But those who have registered, get your priorities in order and make time to find your nearest polling place.

Also make sure that their registration is valid. Recently the Texas secretary of state’s office announced that up to 2,000 Texans who used an online voter registration tool had invalid voter registration. The internet has made the process smoother, but voters need to be aware of things like this.

Voting, or simply just registering to vote can seem like a daunting process until you actually break it down. Many websites offer simple step by step instructions on how to vote, even if you are out of state or need to participate in early voting.

The point is, there is no excuse to not go out and vote. The next time you want to complain about the current political climate, make sure you’re doing everything in your power to try and change it, including showing up on Election Day.

St. Edward’s hosts early voting right here on campus on Oct. 22 in the Ragsdale Lobby. You have no excuse, the time has come to exercise your right to vote, and the time is now.