OurView: Halloween isn’t an excuse to dress as Hitler, genocidal maniacs


Courtesy of Creative Commons

The child dressed in the Hitler costume was 5 years old.

Sierra Rozen and Lauren Sanchez

As another Halloween comes and goes, the season of never ending anxiety about having to see racist Halloween costumes has almost come to an end. But before the season is officially over, we can all reminiscence over some of the horrendous choices people made this past weekend.

A local Kentucky man has recently come under fire for dressing up in a Nazi costume, and dressing his five-year-old son in an Adolf Hitler costume. After receiving hate from other people, Bryant Goldbach posted an apology on Facebook.

His reasoning? His love of historical figures. In his post, Goldbach explained that every year he and his family dress up as historical figures, and he also deemed it hypocritical that other people are allowed to dress up as serial killers without any judgement.

Here’s the thing: First off, if you’re dressing up as a non-fictional serial killer, you’re definitely being judged. It’s one thing to dress up as Michael Myers, but if you’re dressing up as Ted Bundy or Charles Manson then people are definitely smack talking you. They’re just not doing it to your face since you’re literally dressed as a freaking serial killer!

Secondly, if you expect to not get hated on when dressed as someone who commited mass genocide, you might need to do some critical thinking on your part. We get it, historical costumes are fun, if you’re nerdy enough. But dressing up as Teddy Roosevelt is way different from dressing up as Hitler.

Also, if you as a grown adult want to dress up as Hitler, that’s your prerogative. But don’t drag your small children into it when they have no control over it. It’s almost a given that ten years down the line, that child will be learning about the Holocaust and realize exactly who their dad forced them to dress up as.

You easily could have dressed your kid up as a pumpkin or a skunk. This man made comments about people dressing up as the devil and how it was wrong. But he dressed his son as Satan incarnate and saw nothing wrong with it.

Probably one of the most outrageous parts of this story is exactly that; this man saw nothing wrong with dressing his baby as Hitler. After receiving backlash, he did see the error of his ways, and he apologized. But in that apology, he literally said “It didn’t occur to me.” How do you take one look at your blonde haired, blue eyed baby in his Hitler costume and think “You know what? This is fine.”

There was no way it was an impulsive decision because you don’t just find child sized Hitler costumes on the internet, unless there’s a darker side to Amazon Prime we’ve never seen before.

Knowing the history of the Nazi uniform and what it stood for would deter most people from wearing it, even if it is just a costume. The fact that Goldbach wasn’t aware that this costume would offend says a lot about the society we live in.

Next time you’re shopping for a Halloween costume, stop and ask yourself: Has this person murdered a mass amount of people? If the answer is yes, you’re better off reaching for the hunter costume you had your eye on.