Kelly’s racist track record proves not everyone needs platform


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Kelly was fired from her morning show after her blackface comments.

Lauren Sanchez, Viewpoints Editor

In a rather predictable turn of events, Megyn Kelly has been fired from NBC. I’m not really sure why anyone is surprised, Kelly has always been racist, and her comments about blackface weren’t a symptom of ambien.  

Let’s take a looksie. With a little digging from USA Today, we see that she’s said that Jesus was white (which he wasn’t), that the black community has a “thug mentality” (which it doesn’t) and that rhetoric concerning discrimination against Black people played into a “culture of victimization” (which is doesn’t).

The only reason she was hired by NBC was because she asked Donald Trump a “hard hitting question” about his misogynistic comments. People all over social media praised Kelly as their woke queen and rallied behind her after she left Fox News.

Now that she’s been fired for her comments on blackface, white feminists everywhere are so shocked at the news.

Here’s the thing, Kelly was hired by NBC not because she’s a good journalist, but because it was trendy. The internet was rallying behind this white woman who had just “flamed Trump” why wouldn’t NBC hire her to boost ratings?

That night she asked Trump about his misogyny at the debate she was literally just doing her job as a journalist.

No one in the history of employment has been praised for doing the bare minimum at their job. Mediocrity shouldn’t be rewarded in any field especially one as crucial to our society as journalism.

Kelly was literally told to ask Trump questions for the debate. She did that. Then people lost their minds.

Just because someone is trendy or relevant for a hot minute doesn’t mean they should get their own morning television show, if that’s how television worked, then every conventionally attractive Vine star would have their own segment on NBC; it’s bad enough they get commercials, YouTube series and spots on The Ellen Show.

That being said, someone’s trendiness doesn’t excuse their long history of racism. You also shouldn’t be surprised when they say racist things on the television show you gave them. That’s like taking a dog with a long history of attacking cats, placing said dog in a cage with a cat, then being surprised when the dog attacks that cat. Even then, the dog is more likeable than racists.

We need to focus on keeping racists from these platforms, and I’m not talking about not letting any Republican ever have a talk show. I’m talking about keeping views that maximize harm towards people of color out of the mainstream media.

When NBC, a traditionally liberal news site, allows a blatant racist to spread these dangerous views about people of color and other marginalized groups, they are promoting that behavior. Sure, they fired her, but hiring Kelly in the first place shows they have tolerance towards intolerant people.

In the future we need to be more critical of who we give platforms to in the media, Republican or Democratic. If these people are promoting points of view that insight harm against marginalized groups, maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to speak on television, even if they’re a conventionally attractive white woman.