Humans can no longer shake responsibility of climate change effects


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Rapid effects of climate change include rising temperatures and warming oceans.

In a world of “fake news” and extreme political divisiveness, it is extremely vital that we collectively work together to slow down global warming. Earlier this semester, the UN released a report warning that there are only 12 years left to avert the consequences of climate change. This is critical information that can be used to save the planet, but still, many deny this scientifically-proven process.

Climate change is a subject of great political controversy. The far right believes it to be liberal propaganda, and our current administration is adamant about denying it as well. With our president, the highest power in the country, denying climate change, many of his citizens take his backwards opinions as fact. This is extremely detrimental to not only the planet we live on, but also to the people living in it.

Signs that the Earth is getting warmer are recorded all around the world, but are still denied by people who simply refuse to acknowledge that they are causing the world to be like this. If you look at temperatures in different areas around the world for any given amount of time, you will notice the temperature increasing greatly.

The evidence for rapid climate change is compelling. You can look at things like rising ocean levels, shrinking glaciers, ocean acidification and extreme weather. Our world is deteriorating and we are the root cause of it. Climate change deniers have argued that there has been a pause in rising global temperatures but several scientific studies have disproven their beliefs. Humans are one of the main causes of global warming and if we don’t start acting soon, there won’t be much left to ruin. We must start now.

Humans are like a virus infecting their host, Earth. Humans continue to contribute to the downfall of our planet by using an excessive amount of plastic, consuming large amounts of meat and dairy, contributing to fast fashion, polluting our water system, hunting endangered animals, etc. The list goes on and on.

Maybe the reason so many people deny climate change is because they don’t want to believe that they are the reason it is happening. If everyone accepted climate change for the reality that it is and took steps to combat their wrongdoing, the world would be a much safer, cleaner place.        

Even though it may seem like there is not much hope left, there is still a glimmer of possibility for potential growth and reparation. We can do this. We can clean the mess we’ve made by implementing environmentally conscious habits into our life and urging our policymakers to make a change. Our Earth gives us everything we need to survive. Let’s return the favor and help our mother prosper.