Fox News’ hidden information raises questions about the place of ethics in journalism

As journalists, they have learned multiple lessons on what is expected of a news reporter and the news station, which are to be: unbiased, professional and factual. Fox News did not demonstrate any of these things when it was revealed that they had decided to hide the affair between Stephanie Clifford, who’s famously known as “Stormy Daniels,” and Donald Trump from the public. When Diana Falzone found evidence on the affair and tried to get the story out, she was told by her supervisors to drop the story because the creator of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch wanted Trump to win.

It is unethical to hide the truth from the public and to show bias when it comes to reporting the news. The way Fox News handled the news about the affair was unethical, unprofessional and biased because they hid the truth in favor of Trump winning.

The public deserves to know about the candidates’ character and to decide whether or not they should vote for that person. If major news stations such as Fox News can hide this piece of crucial information from their viewers, what else are they hiding from the public?

Fox News is giving honest, unbiased news stations a bad name and making it harder for the public to trust their news sources. News stations that hide breaking news explains why people have a hard time trusting the news and differentiating what’s real or fake.

It’s ironic how Trump says fake news a lot, yet Fox chooses what to report and what to hide from the public when it came to Trump’s presidency and actions. This is the perfect example of unprofessional and biased journalism.

Connections and biases shouldn’t get in the way of professionalism and ethics. Getting our news sources is not a privilege, it’s a right that should not be hidden or taken away from us.

It’s disappointing, yet not surprising how news stations tend to cover up stories because of wealthy and powerful connections that they wish to protect. The powerful and wealthy shouldn’t censor or control our news sources, the people deserve to know what’s going on and how this piece of information will affect them.

By hiding the news from the public, the news stations are violating the First Amendment by silencing the voices of others who want to get important news out to the public. News reporters need to to report their findings without being censored or punished.  

Even though our news sources should be objective, there will be times when the news will contain biased reports and that’s something as an audience should be wary of. It is up to us to choose our source of news, and to decide if it’s reliable and trustworthy. It is up to us to determine what to trust and how we get our news, therefore we should learn more about the news sources we rely on and decide if they’re objective and accurate before fully relying on them for crucial information.