Women’s club lacrosse team aims to repeat last year’s success, improve


Huddling up after a productive team practice, the women’s lacrosse team prepares to improve their skillsets in preparation for upcoming tournaments.

Though many are not aware of their recent success, St. Edward’s University women’s lacrosse club team is a hard-working group and are ready to show that they are capable of being a high achieving club team.

Women’s lacrosse has been a club team at St. Edward’s for three years now and each year these girls have proven to be better than the year before.

In 2017, they won Best New Club Team at the Recreation and Wellness Club Sports Awards, and in 2018, they won Best Club Team. It was just this April the team made it all the way to the playoffs for the first time and ended up earning fourth place against other DII teams.

Women’s lacrosse is filled with talented, determined women who do their best and work their hardest. They strived to achieve what they have and it really shows what type of team and attitude they all share.

“They are supportive, respectful and encourage each other and push each other to improve,” coach Monte Becker says when describing the team dynamic. “They are all supportive and this sport requires them to work as individuals, but work better as a team.”

Preparing for their coming season, the team is excited about their potential and ready to prove that women’s lacrosse is not a club team to underestimate.

“I’m looking forward to a stronger team culture. St. Edward’s has the opportunity to benefit from a strong women’s club,” Becker said. “This team, these girls, need to be noticed and more supported.”

Even though these women dedicate a lot of their time to lacrosse, they are also great friends and hard workers off the field.

“I’m super involved on campus,” defensive player Cleonagh Carey said. “Lacrosse is a lot of extra work, but the payoff is worth it.”

At the team’s daily 5pm practices, the women show what it really takes to be a strong team. They are constantly encouraging and putting their all into each of their preseason practices.

By looking at the success that this team has brought in from their past three years, it is clear these girls will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. This team has made sure to create a supportive and friendly environment that welcomes anyone that is curious about lacrosse.

“Even though this is my second year playing lacrosse here, I’m still learning about the game, and the team is always super eager to help and just make the hard work fun and worth it,” says Carey. “It’s such an accepting team to join even when you know nothing about the sport, and I have made a lot of really great friends.”