NYT readers shouldn’t blindly follow the publications view


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Senator Warren is currently registering 12 percent support among Democrats and Democratic-leaning registered voters according to a national poll.

Kate Kingsbury, a member of the New York Times’ Editorial Board who oversaw the process of choosing the candidates, explained the decision for a split endorsement of both Senator Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar in a podcast interview for the New York Times’ “The Argument.” 

Unlike other years, the board made the decision to publish the candidates’ interviews, making the process much more public than usual. Elizabeth Warren, a radical progressive, and Amy Klobuchar, a moderate, were chosen for endorsement

The NYT Editorial Board is made up of 17 opinionated journalists who are highly educated in topics of debate and politics. How do readers believe that the board took months to make this decision and at the end decided, “You know what, these two are women, let’s endorse them.”? No. That is quite an insult to their profession. 

In their opinion — because that is what an editorial board does, shares their opinions —  they concluded Warren and Klobuchar were the superior candidates. The reasons why will not 100% line up with yours, but remember: they are not advertising your best bet, they’re advertising theirs.

Klobuchar has been in the shadows of this campaign season for quite some time, and now she is being endorsed by one of the biggest left-wing papers in the country.

While the point of an endorsement is to lift up a candidate in hopes of their election, readers look forward to hearing the decision in hopes of deciding on which candidate to vote. 

There is no clear path as to who to vote for, which is somewhat good. As voters, it’s easy to get frustrated, but I think we need to stay frustrated so that the final decision is a well-thought-out one. If The NYT did only pick one candidate, many frustrated voters would blindly follow the endorsement. But because there is a split endorsement, this keeps people engaged in the conversation.

If you listen to Kingsbury, the overseer of the board, in interviews with MSNBC and The NYT, you’ll notice she makes very clear that Warren is not a candidate looking to unify the country, but that a majority of her solutions will keep people on two sides. When Kingsbury speaks of Klobuchar, she applauds her work in legislation and how successful she has been with making solutions across both parties.

If you’re still frustrated, maybe this will help (or confuse you even more):

If you want the country to return to the UNITED States, bring parties back together, and someone who understands legislation and doesn’t make such a mess in office compared to the clown making decisions off of impulse, look into Amy Klobuchar.

If you want a leader who is well-educated on our country’s problems and aims to boost the middle and lower classes, but lacks the priority of unifying the states, look into Elizabeth Warren.

And if everything about this piece really upset you, because in the end, all you want is an old man who is close to croaking running the country, then good ole’ boys Biden or Sanders are your safe bet.