Holy Wave breaks cycle of mundane with striking new single


Holy Wave / The Reverberation Appreciation Society

Holy Wave, originally from El Paso, is now Austin-based. They have toured with artists like Hope Sandoval and Psychic Ills.

I think El Paso natives Holy Wave can teach us all a thing or two about the past. For one: stop living in it. Their latest single, “I’m Not Living in the Past Anymore,” imparts this wisdom with an infectious, punchy kick. 

The Texas-based psych band drills the concept into your head with a percussive groove as they placidly sing, “I’m not living in the past anymore” — and repeat it a sobering eight times within the first minute. 

Multi-instrumentalists Ryan Fuson, Kyle Hager, Julián Ruiz, Joey Cook and Dustin Zozaya formed the group back in ‘08 and have produced three critically acclaimed records since. Their fourth studio LP, “INTERLOPER,” is out May 8. 

With echoes of surf rock and shoegaze-like droning, the track is a window to previous work, but with an uppity tint. The product is musical stained glass, like that of a psychedelic cathedral, chronicling the growth of ever-evolving musicians — and god knows it’s only right that it’s displayed in a space of worship. 

The new track is accompanied by a lo-fi music video by Victor Enriquez featuring the band playing among a distortion of colorful patterns. As stated in the video description, the song is “a mantra about breaking the cycle of the mundane.”

A departure from 2018’s more relaxed “Adult Fear,” this single feels like an energetic trance. It’s mellow yet loud; it’s quick but captivating. You have no choice but to tap along to the bass drum. 

Holy Wave has made a name for themselves in the American touring circuit. They have performed at LEVITATION, Austin’s premiere psych fest, every year since 2011 and don’t seem to be disappearing any time soon. 

A psychedelic psalm for the modern nostalgic, “I’m Not Living in the Past Anymore” is an exciting look towards the band’s next direction.