Los Angeles becomes city of champions after Dodgers wins World Series

The Dodgers won the World Series in true LA fashion, with the glitz and glam of little controversy


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Game six was secured by star player Mookie Betts, a young star who was acquired from the Boston RedSox. By exceeding their salary cap the Dodgers were able to acquire several high-profile players to make up their championship team.

On October 27, the Los Angeles Dodgers won their seventh World Series title, their first in 32 years. LA defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in a 3-1 game to secure the title in game six. In the final game the Rays held a 1-0 lead up until the sixth inning. Following a one-out single, Rays manager Kevin Cas decided to pull his starter despite only allowing two hits in the game. The early pull of Blake Snell seemed to be the wake-up call the Dodgers offense needed. Snell’s replacement, Nate Anderson, promptly gave up two runs in the inning, which was all the Dodgers needed to secure the win. Mookie Betts would later hit a solo home run in the top of the ninth to give the Dodgers a two-run cushion heading into the bottom of the ninth. 

Many can argue the Rays had the best pitcher on the mound in a game dominated by pitching. Tampa Bay’s starter Blake Snell allowed only one run, on two hits, zero walks and struck out nine batters in 5.1 innings pitched. Snell was seen visibly upset as he saw his manager making his way towards the mound to take him out. After the game, Snell told reporters, “I am definitely disappointed and upset.” Snell, who was dominating the Dodgers’ high powered offense, was taken out with the Dodgers top of the lineup coming to bat. Snell had faced LA’s one through three hitters twice at that point and hadn’t allowed them to reach base while striking them out six times. 

On the offensive side, there wasn’t much happening. Randy Arozarena started the game by slapping a solo shot over the right-field wall in the bottom of the first inning. Arozarena, who hit three home runs in the World Series and a record of 10 throughout the post-season, was the Rays lone offensive star throughout the Postseason. Arozarena, who was acquired via trade in the offseason from the St. Louis Cardinals, was the American League Championship Series (ALCS) MVP. On the other side of the diamond, Corey Seager, who was voted National League Championship Series (NLCS) MVP and World Series MVP, had a .328 batting average, hit eight home runs, and drove in 20 runs throughout the entirety of the Postseason. 

Although the game itself was filled with controversy, the post-game celebration following the Dodgers victory was filled with even more controversy. After the game ended and the Dodgers were crowned world champions, Fox reported that Dodgers starting third baseman Justin Turner was pulled out of the game following the seventh inning due to a positive COVID-19 test. Once the league got word of his results, they immediately called down to the dugout to have Turner removed. Turner was then placed in self-isolation for the rest of the game. Following his team’s victory, Turner disregarded security and safety protocols and walked back onto the field to celebrate with his team. Major League Baseball is still investigating the incident, and no punishment has been handed down yet.