Creatives display their works at SXSW’s craft and design fair


Antonio Piazza / Hilltop Views

Macy Burr from Soundscape Studio, a business that creates data visualization of music scores, shows off her prints.

Clothing and prints being sold at Karli Ingersoll. (Antonio Piazza / Hilltop Views)
Phil and Davina Adcock, a married duo running Brooklynds Coffee & Tea, a local catering company. (Antonio Piazza / Hilltop Views)
Fungtion, a daily mushroom elixir shown to have health benefits including, energy, focus and libido. (Antonio Piazza / Hilltop Views)
Two attendees looking at terracotta planters from Cactus Clayworks. (Antonio Piazza / Hilltop Views)
Karli Ingersoll a shop owned by Karli Fairbanks that has a variety of art for sale. (Antonio Piazza / Hilltop Views)
Chilee Oil, a Chili oil brand handcrafted out of Chicago, made to reflect traditional Chinese chili oil. (Antonio Piazza / Hilltop Views)
Ethically sourced insects on display from Mi Diario Inmortal. (Antonio Piazza / Hilltop Views)