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Campus coffeehouse rebrands to “We Proudly Serve” Starbucks

Colby Fountain / Hilltop Views
According to students, a big part of the new coffeehouse adjustment is experiencing longer wait times than previous years.

Last semester, St. Edward’s University announced to the student body that the former Jo’s Coffee locations on campus would be renovated and rebranded into Starbucks “We Proudly Serve.” Jo’s Coffee services had been a part of campus for students, faculty and coffeehouse staff for over a decade. The recent change has caused many different reactions from those on the hilltop.

Some students have since adjusted to the change, but many were less than enthused about the renovation. To returning Hilltoppers, Jo’s served as an important place for student life and added to campus’ unique qualities. 

“I was upset initially about the news of the change,” junior Christine Stewart said. “Jo’s was Austin-based and that is what I feel made St. Edward’s special. It made us different, and changing Jo’s to something common took originality out of it.”

Jo’s was Austin-based and that is what I feel made St. Edward’s special. It made us different.

— Christine Stewart

Though students had rather conflicted feelings about the change, returning students began to positively adjust to the renovation once the shop was officially opened for the school year. Stewart said there are some things that they have gotten used to about the new changes. 

“I do enjoy the drinks and the workers are doing a great job adjusting,” they said.

The Jo’s-turned-Starbucks renovation also meant something completely different for former student employees. Their once-familiar work setting underwent a few changes, but some things stayed the same, such as the equipment used.

“We did have to interview again, but they were wanting to hire people who were previously working at Jo’s,” junior Emma Harkcom Fuchita said. 

Another challenge that they faced as an employee was simply having to learn a new menu and labels. However, Fuchita said that the change has been positive in terms of student employment, as the pay is higher and it provides a great opportunity for student employees residing on campus.

One aspect of the renovation that Fuchita and other former Jo’s employees are still getting used to is the increase of adult co-workers and staff at Meadows Coffeehouse. Jo’s Coffee was heavily employed by students on campus prior to the renovation. Now, there is a mix of student and Bon Appetit employees. 

Another big change that many are getting used to is the amount of student traffic the coffeehouse attracts. 

“I miss Jo’s vibes and how it used to be a chill place, rather than (the) busy, crowded place it is now,” Fuchita said. 

Nonetheless, many students, like Fuchita and Stewart, are hopeful that the renovation will bring back the same feeling of community that Jo’s brought to campus.


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    IsaNov 29, 2023 at 4:06 pm

    This is so depressing. My first job was at the Jo’s on campus. Considering everything that is going on with Starbucks’ union busting and the fact that Cornell University is not renewing its contract with Starbucks, I do not understand why SEU would agree to bring them on. This is not in alignment with SEU’s mission and values. There are so many other local coffee shop franchises they could have gone with instead.