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“Something To Give Each Other” Review: Insights into Troye Sivan’s newest album

Emma Sutton / Kennady Basdekis-Morin
Troye Sivan’s new ablum “Something To Give Each Other” brings all feelings up to the surface. The Australian singer moves listeners with the tales of his past relationships.

Lust, love and longing. Australian singer Troye Sivan’s new album, “Something To Give Each Other,” is all-encompassing when it comes to the stages of a relationship: the fun, the tribulations and the eventual heartbreak. 

Sivan began his career early, amassing a large fan base by posting vlogs and singing videos on YouTube as early as 2007. With this built-in fan base, Sivan’s debut album “Blue Neighbourhood,” released in 2015, was an immediate success.

When promoting his latest album, Sivan mentioned in an Instagram post about the music video for “Got Me Started.” He said many of these new songs harken back to the themes of his first album: “This trailer is for the Blue Neighbourhood girlies.”

Compared to “Blue Neighbourhood,” “Something To Give Each Other” feels like the more mature older brother to Sivan’s debut album. Both albums discuss the beginnings of crushing hard for someone and feeling connected to a person who is not yours.

The second single from the album, “Got Me Started,” is a stand-out track. The seventh song on the album has an upbeat tune with wishful lyrics referencing the fun of the crush stage of a relationship: “You just got me started / And I don’t think I can stop it / And I don’t wanna go home alone, alright?” The track also features a once in a lifetime sample of Bag Raiders’ “Shooting Stars.” 

In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Sivan stated that the Australian electronic music duo allowed him to use their song on one condition: “don’t fuck this up.” Sivan secured the only sample and made an immediate hit with “Got Me Started,” garnering over 30 million streams.

The album’s songs switch between slower tempos and peppy pop-centric tunes, beginning with the lead single “Rush.” “Rush” is an upbeat anthem for partiers and dancers alike. With a sickeningly bouncy beat, there’s no way someone won’t be dancing by the chorus of this tune.

The second track on the record, “What’s The Time Where You Are?,” builds on the dancy vibes of “Rush” with slightly solemn lyrics. Sivan speaks about the tribulations of missing a distant lover; hoping to be with them again soon: “Is it better where you are? / What’s the weather where you are? / International through line to my heart / This beat is making me move / But god I wish it was you.” 

Sivan yearns for attention on “One Of Your Girls.” A story thoughtfully laid out in the music video featuring a dazzling Britney Spears-esque Sivan dressed to the nines. He sings about the feelings an openly queer person can experience after being with someone who is just experimenting with their sexuality: “Give me a call if you ever get lonely / I’ll be like one of your girls or your homies / Say what you want, and I’ll keep it a secret.”

The sixth track, “Can’t Go Back, Baby,” brings listeners down from their highs in a softer ballad with simple production that builds to the chorus. “Can’t Go Back, Baby” captures the heartbreak of wanting to moving on but still missing a person. With lyrics like “I wish you weren’t dead to me / So much to miss in you / More than just my enemy / You were my lover too,” he references being at peace with the loss of a relationship, but not the loss of a person in his life. 

For a grand finale, Sivan ends his album with a saxophone-filled melody to play out the drama of the album. “How To Stay With You” is a reflection of his feelings for someone who is just past his reach. Even through obstacles, Sivan still wishes for a relationship that may not work: “Baby, turn around give me one more kiss / I’m a little bit lost on how to stay with you.”

“Something To Give Each Other” captures the rollercoaster ride of feelings from crushes to relationships and everything in between. “Something To Give Each Other” is available to buy and stream on all music platforms. 


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