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REVIEW: Bad Bunny’s “nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana” is the album to play when you want a speeding ticket

Elliana Guardado / Hilltop Views
“Nadie Sabe lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana” is Bad Bunny’s seventh album and has continued to climb the charts. He currently sits at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 with his song “MONACO”.

Bad bunny is back, baby. 

Our beloved Benito Martinez Ocasio creates this album for his “real fans” which brings back the feelings of nostalgia from his debut album, “X 100PRE.” “Nadie Sabe lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana” (No one knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow) displays more of a trap sound and his lower register, which has been a stranger to fans since taking a new approach to his more pop-sounding music. This new track gives fans a new batch of songs that will be playing in their cars at full blast. 

Bad Bunny opens up the album with “NADIE SABE” and let me just say this: who let this man put violins on this track? What a beautiful, cinematic way to establish his presence and to deliver a powerful message. He states in the first verse “Este disco no e’ pa’ ser tocado, ni un billón de vista’ E’ pa’ que mi’ fan’ reale’, estén contento,” which translates to him not expecting this album to be played and get a billion views, but only for his real fans to be happy. Bad Bunny has received criticism for his music evolving as he finds his sound. This song is his direct statement to everyone that this music is for the fans. 

Following the powerful first song, tracks “MONACO” and “FINA” set the stage for the upbeat sounds fans have come to learn and love. “MONACO” starts with a serenade of swelling violins once more. This tune is what falling in love must sound like. The overwhelming feeling that you receive from the violin is quickly replaced by an increase in your heart rate. The beat picks up as he captivates the listeners with his alluring vocals and upbeat production. Bad Bunny never fails in wanting to make people dance with his music. 

“FINA” makes me want to have a conversation with Benito but instead of using my words I use my fists. Even though he doesn’t mention it explicitly, I know this is about a certain Kendall Jenner, who Bad Bunny is allegedly dating. Although this track is catchy with a beat that will make anyone want to bust-a-move, I will never forgive him for leaving the Latinas the way he did. Also, there’s no need to look up the English lyrics for “FINA.” Unless you want to hear all about what Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner do when they’re alone in explicit detail. It is better to live in bliss about this one, trust me. 

Tracks “MR. OCTOBER” and “BATICANO” hold a special place in my heart as they are my favorites on this album. “MR. OCTOBER” is gives all the spooky vibes. This song reminds me of the singles he produced before his debut album. The production provides the perfect October night soundtrack for a late-night drive, with responsible driving habits, of course. “BATICANO” offers the same sense of eerie production as “MR. OCTOBER,” and I’m eating it up. This is the song you listen to when you want to walk down the street and be a badass. “MR. OCTOBER” and “BATICANO” are a perfect examples of how Bad Bunny is so prevalent among many groups of people, even non-Spanish speaking people. His production and presentation of his songs keep the people coming back for more. 

Once again, Bad Bunny proves that he is here to stay, and that nobody can ever replace him. He appears to continue to take over the music scene with his catchy music and beautiful face. It is incredible that he has just recently become more fluent in English, yet has made his mark on millions of people tuning in to watch his success grow. At this rate, Bad Bunny is projected to have a bright future ahead of him. Listening to this album, is likely to have everyone ready to see him perform these songs live, and he will be making his way to Austin in 2024. So, if you excuse me, I am now going to be selling my left kidney to be able to afford those concert tickets. 

This album is four out of five goats, listen to it and let us know if you agree. 

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