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GAME DAY: Women’s volleyball loses 3-1 in Senior Night Match against UT at Tyler Patriots

Tate Burchfield / Hilltop Views
At the end of every point, regardless of who wins, each team comes together in a group huddle. Through this, the team comes together in both a metaphorical and physical sense to prepare for the upcoming point. Small moments like these remind the viewer of the connectivity the volleyball team must have to perform well together.

The St. Edward’s women’s volleyball team faced off against the University of Texas at Tyler Patriots in a four set match on Nov. 5 that ended with a 3-1 losing score for the Hilltoppers. 

St. Ed’s hosted the match in the Recreation and Athletic Center on campus, and families and students alike gathered to watch. Before the match began, the team held a small ceremony celebrating the seniors on the team. Six seniors were presented with flowers and a framed copy of their jersey by their parents. 

Middle blocker Lauren Scott’s family was just one of many senior families that came to watch their player’s display.

“It’s always been fun to watch her play regardless of how they do,” Scott’s brother, Tyler Scott, said. “She’s come a long way in terms of playing the way the coach wants her.”

In the first set, the Hilltoppers maintained a good lead that was largely created by libero Jazzy Williams two serving aces (a serve that is not returned by the other team), and kills (an aggressive set that is not returned) by senior Natalia Walls. At the 14-7 mark, the Patriots offense intensified with two kills from their team to diminish SEU’s lead. At the 20-18 mark, a service error from the Hilltoppers catalyzed a five point run for UTT, bringing UTT to the lead with a score of 22-20. SEU tried to regain their lead, but UTT closed out the set with two kills from outside hitter Shaye Koski and one from Sophie Connor, bringing the score to 26-24. 

The second set began with a 4-4 tie between the two teams, but UTT then won a series of five points against the Hilltoppers. For a period of time in the set, there was no clear lead for either team, as each team’s score was then followed by a score from the other team. But attack errors on St. Ed’s side and kills from UTT resulted in the Patriots winning the set 25-16.

The third set was a comeback for the Hilltoppers, where consistent kills by Scott and Walls put them neck and neck with the Patriots. The Patriot’s offense brought the score to 24-20; however, their own service errors and overpowering kills from SEU made them lose their lead. The third set ended with a 27-25 score for the Hilltoppers, ushering in a fourth set. 

In the fourth set, the Hilltoppers held their own against the Patriots, with each team having interspersed runs of points. At one point, the Patriots held a 21-14 lead, but SEU combatted it with a series of kills by outside hitter Kelli Fording, bringing the score to 22-18. However, the attempts were not enough; Koski was able to gain three kills for UTT to cement their victory.

Coming out of this game, the SEU women’s volleyball team has a 3-12 record in the NCAA Division II Lone Star Conference. 

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Tate Burchfield, Staff Writer
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