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REVIEW: Did “Eternal Sunshine” turn Ariana Grande into a R&B Baddie?

Elliana Guardado / Hilltop Views
Ariana Grande’s album, “Eternal Sunshine” is her seventh album released on March 8, 2024. This is her first release since 2021.

Miss Ponytail has returned, and she’s not here to play. 

Ariana Grande delivers “Eternal Sunshine” as an album to prepare you for the warmer weather upon us. This album is perfect for spring break at the beach or a 90 degree Texas summer night. There’s guaranteed to be a song perfect for you. Anticipating the release of “Eternal Sunshine,” Grande released only one single, “Yes, And?,” to tease fans of what is to come. Spoiler alert, she tricked us all. 

Grande’s seventh album opens up with “Intro (End of the World),” and oh my god. Cleverly, the track begins with the sounds of a vinyl being placed on a record player as one of the most angelic album introductions I’ve ever heard begins to play. She opens up this track asking “how can I tell if I’m in the right relationship.” Not even getting a break to process the first lyric, she hits us with “then I had this interaction I’ve been thinking ‘bout for like five weeks.” With the smooth and angelic sounds of this track that make you want to slow dance with your girls, I can proudly say this song is for the delusional girlies. 

Grande then gut punches listeners with “Bye,” a song you play before the club. After all she’s known for being more pop oriented, and this song proves her position as the biggest popstar of our generation. I cannot explain how much this song makes me want to spin in a circle like that meme of that one guy at the carnival. With her pop influences shining through this song, this also serves as a PSA for the girlies out there: He ain’t worth it. 

Tracks “Eternal Sunshine” and “The Boy is Mine” take the title of my most adored on this album. 

If only you all could have seen my face when I first listened to “Eternal Sunshine”: Jaw dropped, eyes wide and my head in my hands. The heavy bass and R&B instrumental fills the ears of the listener. I was so distracted by the instrumental that I had to listen to this song twice to hear what her angelic voice was singing. I can’t tell you how my heart dropped when she said “hope you feel alright when you’re in her”. Cut the cameras and kindly escort me to the nearest exit. 

Following the heavy R&B influences throughout this album, “The Boy is Mine” could be easily mistaken for an early 2000s banger. When I first listened to this one, I couldn’t sit still. Her lyrics “cause the boy is mine, mine/ something about him is made for somebody like me” only proves that this song is for the possessive girlies, and I’m one of them so let’s get it. 

Shocked is the only word that can be formed after listening to this album. Breaking free from her traditional pop hits, Grande is here to experiment with R&B influences and I’m here for it. I love how she experimented with her sounds and how all of the tracks were very pleasing to the ear. The one problem I had was the order of the album. The upbeat songs quickly transitioned to slower paced songs which was enough to keep me on my toes but I would have rather had a smooth sailing listening journey. Nonetheless, Grande gave the girlies the album of the summer. She continues to prove that she is here to deliver for her loyal fans. With the release of this album, I could only hope an upcoming tour could be in the works. With that, I’ll be ready to fight for my life in that Ticketmaster’s presale. “Eternal Sunshine” is a four out of five goats.

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