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REVIEW: Olivia Rodrigo’s “GUTS (spilled)” is the validation every girl needs

Elliana Guardado / Hilltop Views
Olivia Rodrigo’s “GUTS (spilled)” includes five brand new songs in addition to her 12-song album “GUTS,”’ which was released last September. She announced the release of “GUTS (spilled)” during one of her concerts in Chicago.

You thought you were crazy for obsessing over your boyfriend’s ex? Olivia Rodirigo just gave you the stamp of approval to go right ahead.  

Rodrigo is dropping jaws with her new deluxe album “GUTS (spilled).” The album includes her previous 12 songs from “GUTS” along with five bonus songs: “Obsessed,” “Girl I’ve Always Been,” “Scared of My Guitar,” “Stranger” and “So American.” I will only be talking about the five bonus tracks. If you would like a full album review read it here

“Obsessed” is for the girlies with retroactive jealousy (me). In this track, Rodrigo is completely vulnerable in discussing her obsessive tendencies when it comes to her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. This song definitely fits in the “angry girl music” genre thanks to the bitterness lingering in the lyrics. She sings “And I know you love me, and I know it’s crazy / But every time you call my name I think you mistake me for her / You both have moved on, you don’t even talk / But I can’t help it, I got issues, I can’t help it, baby.” This song is so relatable to the girls who want their boyfriends to go back in time and change their past, quickly realizing that isn’t how the world works and that they have to live with it. 

“Girl I’ve Always Been” is the best example of saying “Don’t mess with me” in the nicest way possible. The shortest song of the five, she’s got a lot to say in a short amount of time. This track has such simple production, as you can only hear the strumming of an acoustic guitar to accompany her powerful words “Well, I have captors I call friends / I got panic rooms inside my head.” Maybe I’m going crazy, but the delivery of her lyrics gives me a country vibe, and I’m here for it. Rodrigo is not here to play around with the people who underestimate her because she is, in fact, the girl she’s always been.

Everyone prepare yourselves, because “Scared of my guitar” is going to hurt your feelings. Displaying more vulnerability, Rodrigo explains how writing songs cuts deep within her feelings. Her guitar has seen every side of her, the good and the bad. She explains, “Yeah, it knows me too well so I got no excuse / I can’t lie to it the same way that I lie to you.” I had goosebumps all throughout this song. Someone get this girl a hug ASAP. 

You thought she couldn’t hurt our feelings anymore? Well, you’re wrong, because “Stranger” brought tears to my eyes. Throughout this song, she sings of her newfound freedom after cutting off a toxic relationship. Once again, her vocals are accompanied by a simple acoustic guitar. The gut punch that is this song happens when she delivers her line of “You’re just a stranger I know everything about.” Are you kidding me? What a lyrical genius.

Everyone rejoice, because “So American” is Rodrigo’s first (happy) love song.  After countless songs that make me want to give her a hug, Rodrigo premiers this track as a playful view into her recent relationship that has brought her nothing but happiness. We can all thank her rumored boyfriend, Louis Partridge, for blessing us with the lyric: “He’s like a poem I wish I wrote.”  

Olivia Rodrigo sent me through the five stages of grief with these deluxe tracks. I was pleasantly surprised by their variety and how well they fit within the album. Even though “GUTS (spilled)” took me on an emotional rollercoaster, I am absolutely in love with it. After listening, I’m even more devastated now that I missed her stop in Austin for her Guts World Tour. You all can catch me at the next one, because next time I’m getting those tickets. No matter how much debt I’m in. “GUTS (spilled)” is five out of five goats.

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    MichaelApr 4, 2024 at 10:27 am

    I agree with everything you wrote. Olivia is a generational talent, and this deluxe adds five more great songs to her fantastic discography!