Senior basketball player looks forward, hopes to build on previous season

Lauren Zambrano

Basketball season is right around the corner and students are excited to cheer on the team while players are preparing to practice in hopes of a successful season. 

One player in particular who has a strong passion for the game is center, Calvin Lee Lindsey or as most people call him “Trey.”

Lindsey was born and raised in Austin. His love for the game started as kid when his dad first put a ball in his hands. 

At Bowie High School, basketball was the only sport he was involved in. 

He dedicated his summers and off-season to playing basketball.

“My favorite player was Pete Maravich and I used to watch his basketball tapes for hours when I was young,” Lindsey said.

Before coming to St. Edward’s University, Lindsey attended the University of Louisiana at Monroe for two years. He then decided to make a change in his basketball career.

“I wish I had made the move … to St. Ed’s sooner. I love it here, and love my team and coaches,” he said.

Since Lindsey is one of the veterans on the team, he tries to lead by example, which means playing hard and with a passion to ensure a successful game.

His favorite memory with the team was when St. Edward’s beat rival St. Mary’s University last season for the first time in several years.

Lindsey also shared his memory of the win against Newman University at last season’s Homecoming game, saying it was exciting to have the gym packed and the team’s win allowed St. Edward’s to make it to the conference tournament.

When asked about the life of an athlete, he shared the challenges he endures throughout the year.

“The grind of a season, when you’re constantly missing class for games, and exhausted from practice and just how long our season is can be difficult to manage your time,” he said.

For Lindsey, basketball is a full-time job. When playing at the collegiate level, there is no off time to miss if you don’t feel like going.

“[Basketball] is something that if you aren’t completely dedicated to the game, you have no chance of being successful.”

The start of the season isn’t until Nov. 13, but the team has already begun official practices. 

The team is coming back with a lot of returning players. They are determined to pick up where they left off last season, where they fell to St. Mary’s by three points for the conference championship.