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End-of-year stress solvable through creativity, common sense

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There are only a few more weeks left in the semester. For all students, this means impending doom characterized by finals which bring stress and anxiety right before the semester ends.

For graduating seniors, this anxiety is amplified by the fact that they’re about to step into the real world. A world without planned vacations or a place so convenient for food that you make transactions with something called a “meal plan.” In real life, food plans you.

With all these horrifying realizations, life after college can seem daunting and full of doubt.

Questions arise in the mind of graduating seniors: Where will I work?; Will I ever see my college friends again?; How will I pay off my student loans?; Will my parents mind me moving back in with them?

It’s an intense juggling act, but you’ll be fine. Remember this mantra: Hakuna Matata!

Don’t just recite it though, believe it! Graduating will bring many good things you can look forward to. You will probably not be doing homework for a long while. You might take off some time to travel on a Fulbright, for the Peace Corps, or to find yourself while living with your parents.

You shouldn’t stress about finals! You’ll do ok. If you pass — go you! If you fail — it’s not the end of the world, just the end of the semester.

That said, there are a slew of things you can do to combat the stress which finals induce.

For example, remember to take study breaks and to study with friends. Also, don’t try and pull an all-nighter right before a test. Or ever. Don’t mess with that REM sleep.

If you suffer from any sort of stress, remember there are a number of resources on campus one can utilize.

There is a secret coffee machine in the library. Go hold a puppy. Ask a Brother for life advice. Cry on the shoulder of a teacher while you ask for an extension. Earlier this semester, we published a spread on Happy Hour. You should go into our archive and read it. You’ll need it!

The Sorin Oak is a strong and hearty tree. So remember, in times of stress you can pummel this ancient tree as many times as you want to release anger, anxiety and stress.

Seriously though, if you’re dealing with overwhelming feelings of stress or anxiety pertaining to finals or graduating, the Health and Counseling center is always open to help you overcome these strong emotions.

Your teachers and friends want to see you graduate in one piece. If that means taking a day off or screaming into a pillow, do it. Take time to think.

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End-of-year stress solvable through creativity, common sense