Transfer athlete leading team in points scored, minutes played

Although the women’s basketball team at St. Edward’s University started with 10 new players last year, one of them has been able to move to the top in the power forward position.

Sophomore Lexi Fatheree transferred from Stephen F. Austin State University last fall. This is her first year at St. Edward’s. She said her old university just was not a good fit for her.

“The school was okay, I just didn’t like the basketball part of it,” Fatheree said.

Head Coach J.J. Riehl suggested that Fatheree come visit the hilltop.

“She contacted us and one thing led to another. It was a pretty normal recruitment. She came with her family and fell in love with St. Ed’s.” Riehl said. “St. Ed’s makes it easy. You know, Austin, great school, great location, beautiful campus, great reputation, so I don’t have to do much.”

Although she is a new student, Fatheree found it easy to fit in with the support of her team.

“I love my team. It’s like night and day from last year. They’re amazing,” Fatheree said.

Teammate Kat Brisbane, a senior forward, enjoys being around Fatheree.

“She’s one of the players that I’m really close to. Off the court she’s great as well. On and off the court she’s a really great person,” Brisbane said.

Fatheree is also a great player. She is leading the  team in scoring and minutes played.

“She’s having a good year, statistically, but I think she has a lot more potential,” Riehl said. “I think the sky is the limit with Lexi.”

Fatheree has been playing basketball since she was 4 or 5. Both her parents played basketball at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton, Texas. Her aunt also played basketball in college. The family tradition seems to have rubbed off on her.

“I actually used to be really girly when I was little and I wanted to be a cheerleader, but then I started playing YMCA basketball,” Fatheree said. “I stopped doing cheerleading and gymnastics around the time that I started really liking basketball, so around 6 or 7.”

Fatheree is also passionate about her kinesiology degree. She wants to be a nurse after she graduates.

“I want to work in the ER,” Fatheree said. “I love helping people and I’ve always said that I want to save lives.”

When not playing basketball or studying, Fatheree tries to find time for herself. 

She bought a guitar a couple of years ago and is still trying to find time to learn how to play. 

On weekends she likes to relax or go watch baseball games on campus.