First-world problems not St. Edward’s dilemma

Every week the editorial board reflects on a current issue in Our View. The position taken does not reflect the opinions of everyone on the Hilltop Views staff. 

Every school and every student has problems. Oftentimes, the ones we complain about are first-world problems. The following is a list of fake problems the students of St. Edward’s University have.

  1. St. Edward’s Food: A lot of people say a lot of things about our dining halls. However, if you take a look at price and variety, our dining experience is pretty great. Plus, we have gluten free and vegan options at our coffee shops and dining halls. It might not be mama’s cooking, but in a world where you have to eat to live, Hunt is not the worst option. No, we cannot have permanent food trucks because of an agreement between the university and Bon Appetit. But, if we did, that would not be on our meal plan anyway, so how many of us would really benefit?

  1. Parking: People assume that since the parking lots near their own classes are full, there is nowhere to park. That is a lie. There is a parking garage that takes 15 to walk from if you have to go to Doyle. If you can sit through 15 minutes of commercials to watch Scandal, you spend that time walking to a class you pay thousands of dollars for. Speaking of thousands of dollars, at the University of Texas at Austin (UT), it costs $677-743 a year for dorm residents to have a car and $602 for non-residents.

  1. Pulling all-nighters: Everyone has those friends who pulled the eighth all-nighter of the semester after four weeks in. We have no idea what those people do in those 24-hours, but some of those things are probably less necessary than sleep. Sometimes, a workload might force you to stay up most of the night. However, when you complain about it, remember who chose to ingest all of those espresso shots.

  1. We do not have a football team: Honestly, with the amount of people who go to sporting events, it is surprising many people even know this. The school has instated Blue and Gold games to pick up whatever school spirit we might have had once. If you wanted to play football more than anything, you probably should not have come here, and if you wanted to watch football more than anything, you should buy a season pass to UT.

You can still complain about all of these things, just take time to ask how much they really matter. St. Edward’s does a lot to ask the students what they can do to better daily life on campus, but providing pedicabs so people do not have to walk so far will not be one of them.