Chris Riley best candidate for city council district 9

Every week the editorial board reflects on a current issue in Our View. The position taken does not reflect the opinions of everyone on the Hilltop Views staff. Hilltop Views will be endorsing in several elections. 

From the aged Snowden case to the newer attacks on the lack of video of Supreme Court cases, transparency has been an issue for the government. That is why Chris Riley of Austin’s District 9 should be elected.

Many St. Edward’s University students live in District 9; Riley’s leadership will benefit them in many ways, including making Austin’s government more transparent.

Riley does have plans for making the government more reliable and relatable, but his website has already made him transparent. 

It takes two clicks to discover the dominant reason for voting for someone: their stances on issues. Two clicks gets a person to the issue, what Riley believes, what he has done for the issue on the Austin City Council and what he will do if re-elected. 

There is no fancy language and no beating around a bush. Riley can be blunt because he practices his ideals.

One instance is Riley’s stance on transportation. Austin is America’s fastest growing city, according to Forbes. 

People need to get places and cars are no longer the fastest way to make that happen. 

Riley understands this and has put transportation reform and infrastructure improvements on his 10-point platform for reelection.

How can you know he’s sincere about something that sounds too good to be true?

Riley bikes to work and does not own a car, so alternative transportation benefits him as much as you. 

He has previously tried to persuade members of the Austin City Council to consider adding more bike lanes and bike-friendly policies, according to the Austin American-Statesman. 

He was even endorsed by Bike Austin, according to his campaign.

“Chris Riley for District Council 9, a positive, progressive leader,” Riley’s campaign slogan says. 

Riley’s hope is to grow Austin into a stable and economically bustling place without weeding out less wealthy homeowners.