Amazon founder becoming Santa through drones

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Amazon founder becoming Santa through drones

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Unveiling the future, Amazon informed the public of their secret drone project. As early as 2015, for a premium, a small remote control flying device that resembles an over-sized mosquito may be delivering your Christmas gifts within minutes of purchase. This advancement is set to change the way we consume, the rate at which we shop online, and the small air traffic control.

But will it change Christmas? The holidays in 2013 are a bustling, hasty, hurrying fuss of gift shopping and stretching out your last penny to buy the best present for every family member and co-worker.

Christmas has many forms, many of them taking the holiday branding of Coca-Cola, Campbell’s Soup, and M&Ms, etc. Too often, they are centered on pleasing young children with ephemeral toys that they’ll outgrow within the new year.

Possibly, Amazon Prime Air will curb the last-minute scamper to Walmart by expediting present buying. The convenience will be something to enjoy in 2016.

Imagine gathering the whole family out onto the porch on Christmas morning while a cavalry of buzzing drones drops off presents for all of the family. It is as if Santa Claus himself is bringing you presents, but instead of the jolly fat man in a red suit, it is a small black octocopter.

The elf behind this new idea is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Before the drones are up in the air delivering gifts to everyone, they must be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Admittedly, Amazon Prime Air is a fascinating feat in technological advancement, and it is not just a novelty. The company promises to deliver packages after 30 minutes of making your purchase. It has the potential for great good and great fun.

Nonetheless, a happy Christmas cannot rely on drones, gimmicks, or presents alone. On some level, we all know this. For family-starved college students, returning home to loved ones is a good enough gift in itself.

Drones do not have the ability to bring smiles to our faces like our families do during the holidays. The feelings that we have when we finally see our family again cannot be replicated.

However, if these drones are capable of making friends and family avoid the annual blood bath of Black Friday, then Bezos is on to something. Singlehandedly, Bezos will have defeated physical stores with his drones.

Maybe instead of being called Kris Kringle, Santa Claus should be called Jeff Bezos.