Hilltop Views

Student group promotes Austin-wide food trailer movement


October 23, 2012

Food trailers are becoming more and more popular throughout town, and commemorative efforts have been made to maintain the food trailer culture Austin has grown to love. One of those efforts has been made with the creation of Food T...

Affordable and unique coffee is never far away in the 78704


October 9, 2012

Barely awake, the practically comatose student stumbles into the coffee shop for the largest cup of coffee they offer. She opens up her wallet and sends a pile of cash tumbling onto the table before staggering over to the near...

Culinary celebrity Anthony Bourdain gets a taste of Austin


September 18, 2012

During a recent episode of “No Reservations, ”Anthony Bourdain said a “hipster apocalypse” hit Austin. Bourdain kicked off the final season of his award-winning show “No Reservations” in Austin during the South by South...

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