Café Crêpe’s sugary, savory treats for finicky food critics

Most people who have never had crêpes describe them as “thin pancakes” often filled up with different ingredients.

Yet, besides the fact that both are delicious, they don’t really have a lot in common.

Crêpes are the typical food from Brittany, in France, which happens to be where I was born and grew up. Of course, the first thing I missed about home was the food, so of course I had to go try crêpes “made in the USA.”

The other day I went to try Café Crêpe, a French restaurant downtown on Second Street and San Jacinto.

When you come in the restaurant, you’ll have the impression to get in a French bistro because of the old-style Parisian decoration. I love the small antique feel of restaurant.

I was lucky enough to meet the owners, two French-native siblings, who came by to check if the food was okay. Georges and Dominique moved to Austin more than 35 years ago and opened their family resaturant eight years ago.

Café Crêpe is the ideal place if you want a good and nice breakfast, lunch or even brunch with a nice ambience.

You’ll find savory and sweet crêpes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert all at a reasonable price. You can also take to-go orders.

I strongly recommend the Bruni Crêpe with goat cheese or the Norwegian with smoked salmon.

If you are still hungry for a dessert, I would advise that you try the Chloé Crêpe, which is filled with Nutella and topped with whipped cream and fruits.

If that won’t do, try the Pomme Cannelle with baked apple, cinnamon and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The menu also offers delicious coffees, beer, wine and mimosas! The place is perfect for an ideal Sunday brunch with a group of friends.