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Eat, Pray, Love: Discovering delightful, vegan flavors at Mission Burger Company

Kosuke “Matty” Matsui
Upper angle the entire meal I enjoyed along with a free cookie.

“Do you want a free chocolate chip cookie?” 

This enticing question welcomes you to the Mission Burger Company off South Congress, where plant-based food meets culinary perfection. This vegan sanctuary in the center of Austin challenges the conventional concept of burger businesses, proving that great tastes and sustainability can live happily-ever-after. 

When you walk through the door of Mission Burger Company, you are instantly surrounded by the tantalizing fragrance of sizzling burgers and the vivid, bustling ambiance. The menu features a wide range of options, including classic burgers and their junior-sized counterparts, chicken burgers, sandwiches, crunch wraps and fry bars. There’s something for every discriminating palate.

An overview of what the restaurant looks like as one passes by on South Congress Avenue. (Kosuke “Matty” Matsui)

What truly differentiates the “Mission Burger Company” is not just the great tastes, but also the owner’s kind and hospitable demeanor. A chocolate chip cookie was politely handed to me upon my arrival, which was a wonderful surprise. This personal gesture, provided to each visitor, served as a lovely ending to the lunch and exemplified the establishment’s commitment to hospitality and customer satisfaction.

During my visit, I had the pleasure of indulging in the Fiesta Burger, a gourmet dish garnished with locally sourced Credo oat milk queso, colorful pico de gallo, thick guacamole and a hint of jalapeños, delivering a mild taste underlaid with an intriguing spicy note. This provided a memorable sensation that persisted long after the dinner had ended.

The well-balanced mix of spices gave a thrilling kick with each mouthful of the Fiesta Burger, expertly calibrated to enhance the overall taste without overloading one’s taste buds. The ample quantities of guacamole and other delectable toppings provided a mildly messy but highly joyful dining experience, which is the hallmark of a great burger.

This gastronomic delicacy was accompanied by generously portioned fries, expertly made to serve as a great compliment to the main attraction. At $18 for the whole lunch, this option is particularly appealing to students and anyone looking for an economical, high-quality dining experience.

A close up look at the Fiesta Burger. (Kosuke “Matty” Matsui)

The presentation of the burgers demonstrates the restaurant’s dedication to a higher grade culinary quality. The Mission Burger Company allows no space for compromise in ensuring that each mouthful is a symphony of textures and flavors, freshly grilled and presented between beautifully crispy buns. I even noticed a pleased consumer happily sleeping at a table, relishing in the afterglow of tastes and probably contemplating the utter perfection of their meal experience.

To complement the powerful tastes of the burgers and add a bit of elegance to the whole mouth watering trip, the restaurant provides a range of wine and beer options, skillfully picked to match the eating experience.

The Mission Burger Company has a stunning five star rating on Yelp based on 42 reviews, a tribute to the constant culinary quality and drive to exceed expectations.

Finally, the Mission Burger Company exemplifies a gastronomic voyage that pushes the frontiers of vegan cuisine. This restaurant is a treasure in the area of plant-based delights, from its appealing setting to its broad menu selections and the explosion of flavors in each meal. Prepare your taste buds for an incredible tummy-filling good time because this establishment promises more than just a meal: this burger joint is an extraordinary dining experience that will certainly entice you to return for more.

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