Ben Griffith Platform print only

Hello fellow Hilltoppers! My name is Ben Griffith and I’m a communication major (PR and advertising), expecting to graduate in May 2018, and I’m running to be your next student body president.

This is supposed to be a personal statement where we talk about ourselves and why we are fit to serve the student body in these roles. I do feel qualified to serve in this position, however it’s not about me, it’s about you. The Student Government Association is a crutch right now. It needs to be a tool. Being engaged with the student body, we can make Student Government the tool it needs to be. A tool to serve you.

I have been in the Student Government Association for the past two years, as a member of the senate and as the internal affairs director. Both of these roles in Student Government have allowed me to see different sides of the Association and how it works. We have to be a more involved association as a whole in order to better understand student’s needs and concerns. I know I am passionate about serving the students and I know I’ll be “With You” throughout my time as president.