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Weekly SGA senate brief: April 10, 2024

Magnolia Westfall / Hilltop Views
Members of Student Government Association, both current and incoming, pose with toppers up in the St. Andre Multipurpose Room during last week’s senate meeting.

Here’s what happened at the Student Government Association’s Formal Senate Meeting on April 10, 2024.

Executive report

  • Shakiib Wauyo announced SGA will be hosting a fundraising event on April 12 from 3 to 4 p.m. at the Alumni Gym. Students can come and play volleyball and board games.Snacks will be provided. 
  • SGA President Mikayla Pastrano announced that election results are in. Winners can be seen on the SGA Instagram page. President Mikayla Pastrano was re-elected and senator Austin Lane was nominated for vice president.

Legislative report

  • Senator Max Hoelker announced that the results are in for a survey sent out for University funding goals and changes to the Munday Library, more updates on that are to come. 
  • Senator Michelle Ramirez mentioned strengthening the bylaws for the SGA tailgate task force and will also host a U.S. citizen test to test the difficulty on the Ragsdale Lawn.

Judicial report

Chief Justice Hailey Green highlighted issues on parking, specifically regarding the Park ATX spots. It’s important to respect the availability of each zone. If a zone is marked unavailable, avoid parking there. When using Park ATX, make sure your payment has gone through completely before contacting parking about any ticket concerns. 


  • A funding request from Topper Radio station for their annual music festival, GOAT Fest at Freddo Coffee House from 4 to 10 p.m. on April 26. Students may purchase tickets for $5 in advance or $10 at the door (approved, pending approval from Student Involvement).
  • A funding request from the Physical Therapy Organization for a guest speaker event  featuring St. Edward’s alumni Alyssa O’Krent, Ph.D (approved).
  • A funding request from Women in Technology for a spring meeting to build flower bouquets and to discuss the current state of the club on April 11 (approved, pending approval from Student Involvement).;
  • A funding request from the Graduate Business Student Association was tabled until the next meeting due to lack of a representative being present. 


  • Senate Resolution 07 “CAMP Day Legislation First Passage”: SGA wishes to implement an annual legislation to honor and celebrate the College Assistant Migrant Program. Authored by SGA Vice President Justin Trevino, sponsored by senator Juan Ortega, Ramirez, senator Luis Rios and senator Maria Baltazar (approved).
  • Senate Bill 04 “Inclusive Training Bill First Passage”: SGA will participate in a yearly Inclusive Training by the Office of Student Belonging & Inclusive Excellence to educate on matters that affect the student body and provide better support for the entire student body. Authored by  Ramirez, Rios and Baltazar (approved).
  • Senate Bill 03 “Student Government Association Code of Ethics Policy”: To expand expectations for SGA members’ conduct while in the organization and to provide a new system for addressing any failure to adhere to the expectations. Authored by Chief Justice Hailey Green, sponsored by senator Tate Burchfield and co-sponsored by Hoelker (approved). 

The meeting concluded with a final roll call at 7:34 p.m.

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